Types of Telemedicine Solutions that Make Innovations in Healthcare

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Types of Telemedicine Solutions that Make Innovations in Healthcare

Thinking about starting a telehealth business? Market research, overview, and analysis are essential regarding the telemedicine business model you choose. Developing your telemedicine solution, make sure to take a closer look at your competitors as well since they are able to hint on how to start a telehealth business, what mistakes to avoid and what unique value you may deliver to patients, doctors, and hospitals.

So, let’s find out what types of telemedicine solutions are dominating this market and drive innovations.

Live Telemedicine Solutions

Live telemedicine solutions appeared at the dawn of telemedicine development, long before the popularization of this term. Now, live cardiology telemedicine has become part of a huge ecosystem that unites solutions for communication, scheduling, billing, storage, and data analysis.

Also, as stated by numan, live telemedicine best suits the concept of on-demand medical services and is also an excellent way to make access to healthcare equal regardless of the location of the patient. Since remote communication technologies are already available almost everywhere and do not require any additional equipment other than a basic smartphone and Internet connection, live telemedicine is a chance to improve the level of medical care in countries where the government has not yet coped with this problem.

Asynchronous Telemedicine Solutions

These solutions allow collecting patient information, mainly through wearable devices, transferring it to the hospital’s server and leaving it for further analysis by the doctor and/or artificial intelligence. Such solutions make sense when the patient needs health control, but it is not necessary for him to be in the hospital, for example, this is especially true for chronic, aged, and postoperative patients.

However, what makes this type of solution innovative? The scope for innovation lies in the approach to data storage, that is, with the help of such solutions, doctors and scientists could receive much more valuable information from patients and ordinary people.

Wearable devices are popular enough, which means that if users agreed to make the information they generate more accessible and open, doctors, researchers, and drug creators could get a huge amount of extremely valuable first-hand insights. Of course, analyzing such volumes of information, detecting patterns and anomalies would be impossible without artificial intelligence.

Mobile Health Solutions

Mobile health solutions is a comprehensive term that can also cover live and asynchronous telemedicine solutions, as well as patient portals, a CDI software, mobile applications for self-diagnosis, clinical imaging, maintaining mental health, and so on. What is more, very often mobile health solutions are integrated with wearable devices, which means they can be used as part of a remote patient monitoring ecosystem.

Mobile health solutions have huge potential for the healthcare industry globally. Firstly, the use of such applications speaks of the patient’s awareness of his health, which means that it reduces the likelihood of losing sight of the disease and starting treatment at dangerous stages that promise complications.

Second, these applications can serve as a patient’s medical record, the information in which is constantly updated, receiving data from wearable devices and from the user himself, for example, when the user indicates his daily diet, medication intake, and so on. Telemedicine also makes it easier to get a doctor’s medical certificate online.

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Medical Team Consultation Solutions / Telemedicine Networks

Solutions of this type make telemedicine not only more innovative but also extremely effective. Applications for fast communication between doctors and planning joint consultations can significantly improve the quality of medical services around the world.

However, such applications make sense within secure telemedicine networks that allow clinicians to freely share patient data and experience in quite challenging cases. In this case, the issue of secure data transfer and sharing comes first since the development of such a network and the supporting infrastructure oblige healthcare providers to strictly follow legal and technical regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and others.

Medical Imaging Solutions

Medical imaging solutions are one more telemedicine innovations that allow for accurate and timely self-diagnosing, and significant cost saving for the hospitals. For example, such solutions may be used for ultrasound examinations, retinal scanning for the temporary recognition of cataracts and glaucoma, and examining the skin for cancerous changes.

Also, such an alternative is more profitable in terms of investment. For example, a Butterfly iQ device that allows you to connect a sound transducer to a mobile device costs $ 2,000, while bulky ultrasound equipment costs about $ 100,000. Thus, with a high degree of accuracy and FDA-approval, medical imaging solutions can become quite innovative, self-care promoting, and cost-saving tools.


So, as you can see, telemedicine is developing under the influence of several types of technologies, but all these solutions are closely related to each other and work in one bundle complementing each other and facilitating online communication between doctors and patients. In general, this is the ultimate goal of telemedicine – equalizing access to medical services and using big data both for treating patients around the world and for moving medical science forward.

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