How to Use Customer Reviews in Your Marketing Campaigns?

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How to Use Customer Reviews in Your Marketing Campaigns?

The modern customers do not easily trust the shining marketing tactics of the big eCommerce stores.

In this age of technology, consumers have also become more intelligent than ever before.

These days, every online shopper performs detailed research on the quality of the product before making the final decision.

The most common way of checking the product quality for many consumers is product reviews.

People now trust customer reviews or feedbacks more than word-of-mouth referrals.

However, there are mostly both bad reviews and good reviews on all eCommerce stores.

But entrepreneurs can use those good reviews strategically as definite social proof.

Reviews have become an essential part of the buying process. Many online consumers now buy products after reading their reviews.

So, what can you do to attract buyers through reviews? Let us have a look:

1. Share Reviews in Emails

According to statistics, an average working person checks his email at least 15 times a day. This means emails have become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives.

Moreover, the ROI on emails is much higher than any other marketing strategy.

Sending positive customer reviews via emails will build more trust in your brand and result in boosting your conversion rate.

2. Post Reviews on Social Media

These days, consumers like to see what other people are saying about products on social media. Discussions on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram have become very common.

For example, you can add a customer review on any platform with the picture of both product and buyer.

Here’s a perfect example:

Image source

This will help you enhance your credibility, and at the same time, would allow your customers to share their views on your product. It will, ultimately, result in a healthy discussion in the comment section.

Plus, make sure to highlight the review, stars, and a total number of reviews to make it look more impactful.

3. Highlight Reviews on Landing Pages

The quick way to build your customers’ trust in the brand is to show the reviews on your primary landing pages.

Landing pages of an eCommerce store include homepage, checkout, product page, and landing pages.

For example, highlighted reviews about a product on the checkout page will give more encouragement to the customers.

It will also lower the cases when buyers abandon cart because the highlighted review will make them buy the product quickly.

4. Leverage Google Reviews

Google is the primary source of all internet searches, and many people around the world use Google for online shopping.

Thus, putting reviews and high rating on Google will surely build the image of your brand and consequently boosts the trust of consumers.

This means, your potential consumers will not doubt the quality of a product as soon as they see a four or five-star rating on Google.

The stars on any product can be displayed with the help of SEO rich snippets.

5. Use Reviews in Search Ads

Another highly effective way to promote reviews is to integrate them into all marketing channels.

Add reviews in newsletters, search ads, banner ads, and other various marketing communication channels.

Have a look at this, for instance:

Image source

Search ads and banner ads attract more consumers as they last for a longer time in the viewer’s minds.

Therefore, if you put a review and your total number of reviews on a product or brand, then it will surely stay in their minds for longer.

6. Manage Negative Reviews

Do not entirely focus on positive views only as consumers will think that the reviews are not real.

Let customers put negative reviews and show them along with positive reviews.

This will help to build the trust of the consumers in the business as it will look more real to them.

It is not always necessary that negative reviews will put an adverse impact on the image of your business.

Instead, negative reviews are a form of suggestions or feedback for your product.

By answering to those suggestions and thanking clients for their feedback and suggestions, you may end up retaining them for a second time. Moreover, if you take such feedbacks and suggestions seriously, then you may also end up making your product more viable.

7. Turn Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Every business must engage their customers in good content.

The most innovative way to make your content more compelling to customers is to allow your loyal customers to write it.

Turn your loyal and regular customers into the brand ambassadors of your company.

Your customers can take charge of your content marketing by writing blogs and regular reviews on the products they buy.

They can also post regular stories about their experiences with different products and services.

It will make your content look more real and authentic to the potential consumers.

8. Keep Check on Review Sites

Many review sites allow people to give their reviews on different websites and eCommerce stores.

As a result, many people add their reviews to share their experience with the products and services of various brands.

Therefore, every business needs to keep regular track of those reviews.

You can use those reviews to give competition to your competitors.

For example, you can pick your best review and make it a list against your competitor’s reviews, as shown below:

Image source

This will help people to compare two brands, and your brand with better reviews will win their attention and trust.

9. Respond to Reviews Quickly

You should always respond to the reviews of your customers quickly on all platforms.

People write their feedback on various social media platforms and websites as well.

Thus, you should respond to their queries and problems to help them out.

Even if a customer put a good review, do not forget to respond with a warm thank you message to those satisfied customers.

Quick responding to the reviews is extremely helpful in retaining new customers and making a positive image of your brand.

Wrapping Up!

When people hear or read the great reviews about your business from other people, then they instantly trust your products and services.

Therefore, make sure to embrace the power of customer reviews. Besides the above suggestions, the EV SSL certificate is a must for ecommerce sites; you may end up with a cost-effective deal from different vendors. One of the reputed providers, we can suggest here is SSL2BUY, and when you purchase EV SSL from SSL2BUY, you will get the same benefits at the cheapest price level.

It will make their shopping experience secure and is likely to increase your conversion rate as well as your revenue.

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