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Video Marketing Tips for SaaS Products

The world of digital marketing is evolving every day. Marketers and brands have a wide choice of marketing options that they can use to promote their products. Video marketing has become famous thanks to the growth of social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok.

Almost all social media platforms are introducing support for short-format videos. Brands can create 60-second videos to promote or market their products. Statistics also show that most people prefer these types of videos over long videos or reading blog posts.

So, how best can you use video marketing for your SaaS product?

Invest in Quality Equipment

Smartphones are getting smarter by the day, and each new version comes with an even more powerful camera. You don’t have to break your budget to buy the latest cameras and mics for shooting brand and product promos.

Get a high-quality smartphone (either an iPhone or Android) and you are set. You can also invest in a mid-range microphone if you will be recording voice overs for your videos. Customers and consumers alike will take their time to watch your videos if they are of good quality.

Curate a Marketing Strategy

What are your goals? Your answer to this question should help you curate the right content for your video marketing strategy. Are you launching a new product, or are you planning to rebrand? Your videos need to be straight to the point as most viewers may lose interest if the videos are long and boring.

You can work with brand strategists and marketing experts such as Rocket SaaS to help curate the best video content. Also, remember that you should have a target audience. This way, the users can resonate with your videos and content.

Create a Catchy Intro

You have around eight to ten seconds to convince users to watch your video until the end. Most users will quickly move to the next video if they find the introduction boring. You have to bring life to your video to capture the viewer’s interest and keep them watching until the end.

You can use catchy music or say hi to your viewers while also talking about your video. Use captivating background music that will help drive your message home. Also, create a signature intro so viewers can easily resonate with your content.

Create Appealing Thumbnails

YouTube and Facebook allow creators to upload or select thumbnails for their videos. Thumbnails can be an excellent way to attract the viewers’ attention. You can hire a graphic designer to help make images that you can use for the video.

The thumbnail should tell the viewer what the video will be about. For example, the best SaaS products in the market. However, don’t use thumbnails to clickbait your viewers. This will negatively affect your insights and turn away your prospective customers.

Wrapping Up

These tips for using video marketing for your SaaS product will also work for other types of products. You can hire a video editor for a more professional look if you are not on a tight budget.

It would also help if you studied how your followers respond to your videos. Review the replies and create engagements that you can convert to revenue.

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