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Website Content Tools: Create the Best Content for Your Target Audience

Last year, more and more companies began to invest in content marketing. According to some studies, the cost, in this case, is 62% lower than with the traditional approach, and the return is three times more. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? We’ve compiled a selection of the most convenient and popular services that will help to find your niche as a content creator and develop content marketing of your website.

The main principle of content marketing

Let’s talk about creating and promoting content on the Internet. So, what is content? These are information materials — a site, a landing page, blog articles, presentations, infographics, webinars, podcasts, and more. The principle is as follows: potential customers see, read, use your content, this increases their trust in the company, and in the future, these people become your customers.

An important component of this kind of marketing is content promotion. For a customer to rate an article or infographic, he/she must first see them. To promote your content, you may use announcements in social networks, on forums, targeted advertising, email distribution, push notifications in the browser. Alternatively, working with an organic search expert like Safari SEO Sydney can help you to reach the top of Google search results for your most valuable and lucrative key terms. There are a lot of useful programs and services. Also, you can use proofreading services that can help you to create high-quality materials.

10 great tools that are worth your attention

Are you in a search for some pretty good resources, which will help you quickly create the right material and improve your interaction with your users, readers, or customers? Here they are. Not all the tools on the list are free, but they are worth the money. Some have trial free periods.

1. BuzzSumo. This tool allows you to analyze the sites of your competitors. Based on BuzzSumo reports, you can make a plan for your resource. The service is going to help:

  • Find the most popular posts and the most popular authors on the topic that interests you;
  • Choose the right topics;
  • See who referenced or shared your material;
  • Create an analytical report on the content of your site or its domain.

2. Penflip. The service is free. It’s ideal in cases where you need to create a large amount of material. The combination of simple Penflip design and well-developed tools makes it easy and simple to work with the service and create any content you need. With this program, you can:

  • Write the text of any volume;
  • Add images and links to text;
  • Create headings and subheadings in the text;
  • Add comments to the materials and view the history of visits;
  • Publish your material.

3. Scripted. Not always the site owners have the opportunity to engage in the content on an ongoing basis. Scripted will help you in finding authors for:

  • Blog posts;
  • Drawing up official documents;
  • Filling the pages of the site;
  • Posts in social networks.

The site is easy to use. Its functionality is in many ways similar to the familiar content exchange.

4. Edgar. This relatively new application for preparing content has one unique feature. Edgar can store, classify, and restart social network updates.

5. Zemanta. The program is used to publish and distribute content on partner sites. Zemanta allows you to choose the most suitable sites for placement, content for publication, set the necessary budget and demographics of users. Service is paid. But the budget depends only on your requests.

6. Streak. It’s a CRM working through Gmail. Service is best used for commercial content and/or newsletters. Streak allows you to create a letter or text template in a few clicks and send it to the right recipients. The service is free.

7. Ceros. One of the most frequently recommended resources. It allows you to create both unique interactive content and add interactive elements to an existing one. And it isn’t only about filling sites. Integrate dynamic and interactive elements into infographics, e-books, magazines, banner materials, etc. Every four weeks, the resource is updated and new features and capabilities appear. In addition to amazing visual effects, various animations and templates, the resource also provides analytics: performance indicators of the finished material, download time, expectations, and how each user interacts with it. The resource is fully paid, but you can try a demo version. Check out the gallery of works created with Ceros to see if it’s a useful resource.

8. Apester. It’s a completely free online program where you can create interesting concise interactive content. Apester offers several options: quizzes, interactive videos, time counts, etc. Here you’ll find many templates using a large library of graphic elements, images, and video, and you’ll have the opportunity to create your template. Like Ceros, Apester provides reports on the effectiveness of your content, how the site works, and how the audience responds to the content provided.

9.Playbuzz. It’s a free resource, which has many features. Create a questionnaire, test, cards, flip-flops, ranking lists, imitation of correspondence in messengers, etc. Playbuzz is similar to the previous resource, but it offers more types of options, which can be created. The service allows you to create interactive brand stories, contextual videos, upload your content, media elements or use existing resource library, integrate with CMS, share on other channels.

10. Biteable. With its help, you can make simple and beautiful videos that will also dilute your content. The site offers several templates. Also, the tool may help you find an example that suits you best. You note the purpose of the creation — to present, announce, promote, share — and the type of video — announcement, quote, update, recommendation, or characteristic — and you are presented with the most appropriate templates. All of them are divided into different categories.

Hope the services above are going to help you to create interesting and useful content able to attract more website users. And if you want to apply for a job try this resume writing service.

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