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What Does Your Corporate Video Say About You – 7 Things to Include

Your business story was unique. Your idea was laudable. Your efforts were relentless. All of that paid off. Now, you run an exemplary enterprise in Sydney, Australia whose success everybody wants to emulate. But you’re not done yet. You want to grow further in your niche. You want to flourish within this industry and maybe beyond it as well. Is there a way to reach out to more people? Is there a way to create more buzz around your brand? Yes, there is. Through corporate video production.

1. What is a Corporate Video After All?

Your corporate video is your story in the form of a highly engaging and interesting video. It is a piece of presentation where you define your culture and introduce your employees to your audience. It helps you build brand credibility and provide assistance to your website visitors across Sydney, Australia. But don’t rush into anything just get. You need to know what all you should include in this corporate video before you start shooting. Let’s find out:

2. The “About Us” Angle

Enterprises tend to forget what their company stands for. This video presentation is going to be a reminder of that. It will be presented in front of your audience to enable them to understand you better. It should not be more than 2 or 3 minutes long. Make sure to include as many important contributors and critical position holders as possible in this video.

It does not have to be solely about your services or only about your founding members. It can be about your story and how your enterprise came into being. Sprinkle a little about your offerings in the middle. The gist of the “about us” aspect is that it should function as an educational and inspiring introduction of your brand to your target market. Corporate video production can be an effective way to showcase your enterprise’s values, mission, and history, while also highlighting key contributors and position holders. The video should aim to educate and inspire your target market, providing a glimpse into what your brand stands for and how it came to be. While it’s important to include information about your services, the focus should be on your story and the impact your enterprise has made. By keeping the video concise and engaging, you can create a powerful introduction that resonates with your audience and reinforces your brand identity.”

3. Put in More Energy

So, have you thought about who is going to be the narrator of your corporate video? You need someone with a decisive mind and loads of enthusiasm. Someone who can speak their mind without coming across as too upfront or blunt will be a perfect choice. Of course, the script that they read from the teleprompter will also have to be interesting. You cannot completely depend on the narrator to engage your audience across Sydney. Look for someone who has great oration skills and has enough relevant knowledge about the industry you work in.

4. Be More Emotional

You do not wish to create a bland video. You have to be honest with your feelings and expressions throughout this presentation. Be more open to conveying your true feelings on camera. It is going to require a lot of practice but then you are doing it with intent.

Remember, the majority of the purchase decisions of your customers are going to be influenced by your emotions and commitment to your belief. They will be more driven by your passion for your offerings rather than facts and figures, benefits, or features. This video is also an opportunity for your business to come across to your customers as more human and approachable. By appealing to their emotions, you will become “one of them”.

5. Flaunt Your Culture

Every company has a different culture. Every organization has a distinct working environment. This video is also going to be about your unique setting and the way you conduct yourself with your peers, seniors, and subordinates. This is the right platform for you to display the true and fun flavor of your company.

If you do not talk about the great moments that you have spent with your team members and the many outdoor adventures that you have been a part of with them, something will always be missing. It is a great thing to have a fancy office and a culture that blossoms therein. It is something that you can flaunt in front of others.

Some people who haven’t had an opportunity to taste that kind of camaraderie might take this display as very superficial. However, a big chunk of your audience across Sydney, Australia would understand just how those bad jokes among your team members can still tickle everyone into laughing. This affectionate and warm display of your work culture is what makes you unique and gives you the ability to connect with your audience better.

6. Have a Strong Purpose

There must be a purpose to your Corporate Video Production Sydney initiative.

  • What is your intention with this entire project?
  • Are you looking to recruit new employees?
  • Do you want to gain more customers?
  • Are you planning to launch a new product or service?

Think about the overall objective of this video and then move on to your next step. This will help you define your audience better and you will be able to target them more easily. This will also help you select the correct and most efficient dissemination platforms for maximum outreach.

7. Choosing the Right Style

Also, choosing the right style of your corporate video is going to be one of the most critical decisions that you will make. There are numerous styles to choose from. Following are a few ideas:

  • Bosses Behaving Weird

Include all your board of directors and top managerial position holders. Ask them to narrate their experience with the company. Put forth relevant questions about the conception of the enterprise. Let them reveal the idea behind its origins for everyone to know. Make them talk funny and in the most popular slang. The final presentation would turn out to be super fun and engaging.

  • Realistic 3D Models

This style is highly ideal for you if you are looking to design a corporate explainer video. If you want to explain the features of your products and services, 3D models and animation could be the perfect fit. Also, this can be edited as per your liking at various stages of rendering.

  • Whiteboard Animation

These 2D or whiteboard animations are one of the most engaging video styles that you can opt for. They are very much affordable and make use of colorful imagery on a white background. It is like doodling in super-fast motion and the perfect way to convey your message through images. A voice-over is going to accompany this video for maximum impact.

  • Movie Style Video

These are created for not just educating your viewers but entertaining them as well. You may choose to act in these movie-style corporate videos on your own. The entire video is presented in the form of a story and the level of engagement it can generate is quite outstanding.

Bottom Line

It is time you paid a little more attention to the human side of your company. Put out the faces of your employees in front of your audience. Let the brand take the backseat for a moment. Connect with your viewers on an emotional level. Entice and excite them with “behind-the-scenes” trivia of your company offices. It is time you made them a part of your story ahead.

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