What to Do When Your E-Commerce Webstore Shops aren’t Performing Well

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What to Do When Your E-Commerce Webstore Shops aren’t Performing Well

There are no sales and do not understand why? Read our article urgently. We have collected in it all the experience and a huge number of developments in e-commerce. Many entrepreneurs would pay dearly for such a tip, but we give it away.

You have a bad site

Inconvenient, ugly, and even slow to load. It takes a lot of time to find a product, and then the same amount of time is spent trying to order it. Not only will users quickly leave such a resource, but also search engines will never miss it to the top of the results for a cannon shot.

What to do:

  • Hire dedicated Magento developer;
  • Order a site audit from a specialist or an agency. Let them check its UX, usability, SEO component and other parameters;
  • Remove all blatant errors on the site;
  • Tweak the design and menus;
  • Check your download speed. Weak platforms may not be able to handle the flow of traffic;
  • Work through all the content.

You have expensive

More precisely: yours is unreasonably expensive. You don’t know how to sell at prices higher than your competitors. The client does not understand why he is overpaying.

What to do:

  • Justify the prices. Perhaps the rates are higher due to the cool service, free shipping, or additional warranty;
  • Work on marketing packaging. Create the atmosphere of a high-end store, tighten up the branding;
  • If there is no reason to sell at a higher price, reduce prices to the market average.

Your service is poor

Managers are rude, delivery does not deliver, support service does not support.

What to do:

  • Work with personnel. Train managers, conduct outreach conversations, get rid of toxic employees. Introduce a staff motivation system;
  • Change courier services and transport companies with reliable and trusted courier and freight company services;
  • Implement a CRM system so as not to systematize databases and not miss out on applications;
  • Hire more employees – perhaps the staff just can’t handle it;
  • Specify the terms of the guarantee for the goods, methods of exchange and return.

You have a bad product

Poor quality, everything breaks down, bugs and falls apart.

What to do:

  • Try working with other brands;
  • Change suppliers;
  • Introduce an incoming quality control system;
  • Deal with ancillary services. Perhaps the assemblers do not assemble your furniture well, and the plumbers screw up the showers in a disgusting way – and that’s all that goes wrong.

Your niche is very competitive

There are a lot of federal-scale retailers and other large players. They dump prices, do guerrilla marketing, or simply do better – their business model is more efficient.

What to do:

  • Detach yourself from the competition. Form a unique selling proposition, use your advantages over rivals, work for a different target audience;
  • Do not overlap with competitors in the range of goods. Sell a product from other brands;
  • There is a possibility – reduce prices;
  • Optimize business processes and cut costs.

You misidentified the target audience

For example, you are trying to sell budget segment goods or gadgets to retirees to VIP clients.

What to do:

  • Determine your target audience;
  • Identify her pains, problems and needs;
  • Define channels and methods of communication;
  • Find the right product;
  • Profit.

You make mistakes in SMM promotion

Get more followers, buy bots and post nothing but weather forecasts and cats. As a result of applications from social networks – zero.

What to do:

  • Define your target audience;
  • Decide on what content will be interesting to her;
  • Create a social media promotion strategy;
  • Develop a content plan and a publication plan;
  • Publish new posts regularly;
  • Appoint a social media manager. Let him communicate with subscribers, post entries, neutralize trolls, respond to comments;
  • If possible, hire an SMM specialist.

Your marketing is lousy

You prefer to promote yourself through local media, buy advertisements on radio or TV. All this is good, but not enough.

What to do:

  • Use Magento integration services by Elogic;
  • Upgrade your internet marketing skills. The web is full of materials on this topic;
  • Attend conferences, exhibitions and seminars dedicated to online promotion;
  • Contact a trusted website promotion agency;
  • Read our blog;
  • Apply the knowledge gained in practice.

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