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Why You Should Use Transcription Services

Running a business nowadays is tough. The competition is very high and if you cannot catch up with your competitors, you will hardly succeed. Top-notch transcription services such as the legal transcription services are one of the ways for business owners to do that. They are helpful for other professionals, and even students.

Bloggers, podcasters, teachers, doctors, lawyers, journalists — all these people require audio to text transcription from time to time due to their careers. If you think that you should do it only for the sake of convenience, then you know nothing about transcription. Apart from that, it gives a range of other benefits everyone should be aware of.

Check this post and see why exactly you should use a professional human transcription service and how you can benefit from doing it. The information below is helpful for all kinds of fields and businesses. It may change your image about how to succeed in your business, so do not miss it.

Time-saving and Accurate

Transcribing your audio to text is beneficial not only when you do it for your lectures but all other types of files: webinars, meetings, conferences, reports, interviews, etc. It will help you create a text file, highlight all important data, and get back to it whenever you need it.

Why is it so time-saving? Listening to one audio or video file all the time trying to catch the required data or information is not really convenient and time-efficient. It is a very time-consuming and quite irritating process. Having good human generated transcripts will save tons of your time. All you will have to do is to browse the printed document or your text file and highlight the necessary information for easy access in the future. You cannot disagree, it is much more efficient than replaying those recordings trying to catch data. It is very easy to make a mistake and miss crucial numbers or other data.

When you listen to a recording, not every speaker is a good speaker. There can be people with different accents, voiceprints, speech disorders, as well as noisy backgrounds. It is sometimes very difficult to distinguish what those people say when you do not have specific equipment or experience. Entrust it to a professional transcriber and receive 99% accurate files.

They will distinguish all voices and accents, as well as filler words. You can order different types of transcription, such as verbatim or general. The verbatim is crucial when you need to catch all the filler words and not miss even a single sound in the background. Unfortunately, a casual user cannot do it himself when trying to sit and wasting hours recording the speeches.

Different services offer different options for your transcription. For example, you can choose an automated feature or professional human transcribers. If your initial file is of good quality, you can use a manual option. In this case, accuracy should be around 80%. However, if the quality of your audio or video files leaves much to be desired, it would be better to hire a human who knows how to use advanced technology to deliver 99% accuracy even if the background is terrible.

A quick turnaround period will be a great bonus. Have you ever tried to sit and “decode” an audio file? It takes a lion’s share of your time. And if you are a business owner, you cannot afford to spend so much time doing this. You can also entrust it to one of your employees. It will also be less efficient though since your worker will waste his or her time doing it instead of performing their direct duties. Moreover, you cannot be sure of the quality.

If you choose manual transcription, you will be able to upload your file within seconds and get the text file back within just 30 minutes. Human experts will do it a bit longer — normally, from 12 to 36 hours depending on the service and the quality of your text. Remember that in the latter case, you will have the upper quality and accuracy.


All of these video transcription websites guarantee 100% confidentiality to all customers regardless of the type of transcription chosen. Their advanced websites use encryption to protect all of your data, including your audio, video, and text files.

Therefore, if there is some crucial and secret information that needs to be transcribed and converted into a text, you cannot entrust it to any employees for the sake of protecting this information. It will be much better to use a professional service that will keep your data totally safe.

Boost Your Target Audience

The benefits of a transcription service for businesses are not limited to time-saving and anonymity. The reasons for using transcription are much broader. Podcasts, YouTube channels, social media posts, websites, etc. all have to use the transcription of their video and audio files. First of all, this is an efficient SEO tool.

Have you ever thought about how many people with hearing loss or disorders fail to watch your content because they cannot hear what is being said? Yes, when your videos have transcription in the form of subtitles or video description, you gain a lion’s share of your potential users.

If your goal is to promote your business through your video or audio content, a great transcription specialist would be the best solution for it. Do not deprive your potential users of the possibility to reach and enjoy your content because of their inability to listen to it.

Efficient SEO Tool

Transcribing your video to text can be a very efficient SEO tool for your website. Instead of hiring very expensive SEO managers or marketers, you can spend very little money on good-quality transcription and receive even better results.

The truth is when your website has a good transcription, it is ranked by Google as a user-friendly website. Search engines will rank your website as a trustworthy and reliable one. Do not neglect such tools for the benefit of your website.

Moreover, a lot of podcasters utilize transcription for boosting the effectiveness of their podcasts. This way, they can include the necessary keywords in the description of their podcasts and get higher rankings and more potential users. Haven’t you tried transcription for boosting the authority of your website yet? Then it’s the right time to start!

Visibility of Your Website

This is the same reason as the previous one. When having your website, podcast, blog, or YouTube content transcribed, you boost the visibility of the latter. Users search for certain keywords that are included in your transcription.

No one is watching a video that has no description where people cannot see what the video is about. People prefer to read what they are offered first. Only after finding your video in search engines and checking whether the description suits their needs, will they start watching your video content.

Spending a couple of dollars on transcription of your website for the sake of boosting its visibility on Google and other search engines is one of the best investments you could ever have made. Do not neglect such a great chance. If you are tired of wasting money on SEO packages and managers, better try a good transcription for your website.


Of course, you can sit and try to convert your files into text on your own. However, as was already mentioned, it takes some time. Moreover, for receiving the best quality, you will need a lot of experience and specific equipment, and AI-based tools. You definitely don’t have all this.

When ordering professional transcription, you can pay very little money for a very good text. If you choose between wasting money for your SEO management and ads and ordering a transcription, you will see that the latter costs very little compared to different SEO promotions and advertisements. Why would you spend more if you can spend very little for the same or even better results?

This very insignificant investment is really worth it. You definitely won’t regret spending this money.

Sharing Possibility

It would not be a secret for you if we mention that the opportunities of sharing audio and video files are very limited. When it comes to the recordings of conferences and webinars, the limitations are even higher. You cannot simply share the recording with all of the 100-200 members. It will be quite a problem.

However, if you transcribe your recordings and transform them into text files, everything will be much easier. Just share your text files in any convenient format with anyone you wish or need. It is really convenient to have all of your files transcribed, especially for large teams.

If you have never thought about transcribing your audio or video files before, you have missed multiple opportunities for your business. Weigh all the pros and cons and see how much you and your startup or business can benefit from this amazing new technology. Why not use all the perks the modern world gives you? Moreover, it is able to facilitate your work and life so much.

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