Why Your eCommerce Business Needs Automation

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Why Your eCommerce Business Needs Automation

With such stiff competition on the eCommerce market how do you make sure you don’t hand potential customers to your rivals? Your product offering might be great, but if your business workflows function with hitches, you won’t be able to cement shoppers’ loyalty with your brand.

To reach new heights of success and efficiency, team up with an experienced software development company or a reliable automation company that would help you introduce powerful process automation to your eCommerce business. And that means optimization and acceleration around data management, customer support, marketing, and more.

Effective order and delivery management

You don’t know when customers decide to make a purchase so your e-store should function 24/7. And advanced order automation and transportation management solutions will spare you the need to manually perform mundane tasks like order and delivery management.

Namely, you’ll be able to take control of your orders across all sales channels by automatically allocating inventory to a third-party shipping company that is fast and reliable, directing orders to the necessary warehouse, generating purchase invoices, and processing payments. Workflow automation tools from ecomcircles.com will help you rapidly create shipping labels, smoothly track the delivery, notify customers about the order status, as well as easily manage exchange and refund.

In turn, you’ll eliminate bottlenecks in your operations, seamlessly manage high order volumes during peak periods, avoid overselling and missed opportunities, while ensuring frictionless shopping experiences.

Advanced data analysis

To avoid simple errors around data management snowballing into serious problems, leverage automation. Order details, customer information, stock numbers — this and other data can be faultlessly processed and arranged.

Automation is also an ace card in enhancing shopping experience. As consumers are becoming choosier than ever, you should tailor your offering to their specific needs. And an intelligent analysis of customer behavior will help you with that.

By mining data from sources such as purchasing history, customer feedback, search results, and social media, you’ll get actionable insights into shopping preferences. Underpinned by this information, you can better understand what customers are looking for at the moment, which items from your e-store might be relevant for them, what is the average budget, why the shopping cart is abandoned at every particular case, and much more.

Marketing workflow automation

Marketing is another business workflow that you can take out of your employees hands. This includes recurring tasks like emails and social media posts as well as loyalty marketing strategies.

The glue that holds your brand with shoppers, loyalty programs revolve around simple and effective rewards schemes that encourage clients to shop more, while boosting engagement and reducing the churn rate.

Besides rewarding shoppers for recurring purchases, give bonuses from relevant partners, for example, discounts for visiting a brick and mortar shop or a SPA center — depending on your primary product offering. Moreover, drive loyalty and engagement with early access to exclusive products and events as well as interactive location-based marketing campaigns — all in an automated manner.

Personalized customer support

The stats show that consumers are willing to spend 17% more on a brand that provides outstanding customer service, and 77% of clients would recommend the company to a friend after having a single positive experience.

As customer support has such great influence on client satisfaction, think automating it, too. Empower your eCommerce website with an intelligent chatbot that would give immediate replies about payment options, delivery time, package tracking, order cancelling, discounts, and more.

Such smart assistants can also provide post-sale support, reminding shoppers to reorder the items they’ve run out, use the promo code they’ve got after a particular purchase, as well as inform of repairs and refunds.

On a final note

When machines automate mundane tasks, workers get time to complete the tasks that require more intelligence and attention like adapting the marketing strategy to ever-changing shopping behavior. Moreover, automation can help you minimize occasional mistakes that negatively affect customer experiences.

About the author:

Yana Yelina is a Technology Writer at Oxagile, a software development company based in the USA. Her articles have been featured on KDNuggets, ITProPortal, Datafloq, Techwell, and more. Yana is passionate about the untapped potential of technology and explores the perks it can bring businesses of every stripe. You can reach Yana at yana.yelina@oxagile.com or connect via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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