A Helpful Guide to Buying the Best Bass Headphones

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A Helpful Guide to Buying the Best Bass Headphones

Have you ever wondered sometimes why your headphones aren’t loud enough? The reason: poor bass. Bass is essential for creating a smooth and harmonic sound effect. But when you do not get the sound effect you want, the solution lies in buying fabulous bass headphones.

However, even doing that doesn’t solve the problem entirely. Some bass earphones often ignore the sub-bass, which plays an essential role in various musical genres, especially EDM—not having the desired sub-bass results in a sound quality that is poor and imbalanced.

The best bass headphones manage to strike a balance between the two, producing a sound that is deep, impactful, and of the highest quality. They bring attention to the lowest sounds in a song, irrespective of which genre you listen to.

Like other earphones, these come in various designs, drivers, weights, and frequency responses. Since most are lightweight, they are incredibly comfortable to wear over your head.

If this is your first-time buying bass earphones, these are some details that will help you out.

What Does Bass Mean?

It means those sound frequencies that fall between 16 hertz to 256 hertz. While listening to a song, you must have experienced the “booming” effects. Those effects are low-frequency bass sounds that bring life to a song, whether a low-pitched or high-pitched one.

Things to Remember while Buying Them


You will usually find these headphones with an on-ear or over-ear design. If comfort is what you are after, on-ears are the ideal choice since they are breathable and comfortable.

Over-ears promise you an immersive listening experience with passive noise cancellation, blocking out outside noise to a great extent. They also emphasize the bass-heavy effects you want while listening to jazz, funk, reggae, and similar types of musical genres.

Frequency Response

A good pair of earphones can produce sound frequencies between 20 hertz and 20,000 hertz. The frequency range is a reliable way of knowing if the earphones can make an excellent bass-heavy sound. The higher the range, the more dynamic the sound produced.


Drivers are components that convert electrical energy into acoustic energy and come in various sizes. However, those with large diameters produce the best sound quality, as they generate better bass and sub-bass sound waves. It is better to buy those with 35 millimeters drivers.

Drivers are primarily of three types: dynamic, planar, and electrostatic. Planars produce the best frequency response, followed by dynamic and electrostatic. Dynamic ones are the cheapest of all three but fall slightly short of delivering the best bass effects.


The amplifier transmits an electrical current to the headphones, which offers a specific resistance. The entire process is called impedance. You might consider buying those with a higher impedance because they provide the desired bass effects.

Low-quality headphones are the ideal choice if you use headphones mostly with your smartphones.


You might not get the bass effects you want despite doing everything. In those cases, the problem usually lies with your earpads. The solution lies in ensuring they fit comfortably around your ears without being loose and allowing external noise to enter.

If you buy headphones with in-ear designs, getting a seal at the ear canal entrances is better.

You should get a pair of the best bass headphones to experience various sound effects and listen to the highest quality music. These are indispensable for some musical genres like funk reggae and death metal. Unless you have these, you won’t have an immersive experience.

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