A Perfect Fit: 5 Essential Things to Consider When Buying Sneakers

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A Perfect Fit: 5 Essential Things to Consider When Buying Sneakers

Are you looking to get a new pair of kicks? With all the sneakers available in the market — including womens Nike air force 1 shoes –, buying sneakers can be overwhelming. Luckily, we have the best sneaker buyer guide for you!

When choosing the right sneakers, the brand is the first thing to look at. Yearly, many people fall victim to counterfeit brands. So, it’s important to make sure to buy sneakers from stores that sell authentic shoes.

Sneakers come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. So, if you’re buying sneakers, you better know what to look for or risk becoming overwhelmed.

Before buying sneakers, always make sure you know what you’re going to use them for. This will be your baseline when reviewing the sneaker’s fit and quality. Each activity may need a different fit or material of sneaker, and if you’re buying it for sports you should also get other equipment as an ankle brace to protect your body as well. You may also want to know the differences between skins and base layers here which are also considered as great sports wears!

Here’s a guide on essential things to consider when buying sneakers.

1. Fit

Experts agree that it’s important to get a shoe that’s the right size for you. Wearing a shoe that’s the wrong size can cause blisters, calluses, and many other issues.

For instance, you might wear thicker socks in the winter, so the perfect fit now may not fit in with your winter socks. Always think in advance for certain situations that you’ll need these sneakers for.

If you are not sure about your size, you can look up sneaker sizing guides online. All you need is a tape measure and your feet. Sizing is different for each country, so make sure to look up your European and American sizes.

When fitting the shoe, make sure to move around a bit. While the fit may seem perfect while standing or walking, it might not suit what you have in plan. If you’re into sports, see if you can jump in them comfortably.

2. Shape

You might have overlooked shape when choosing sneakers. The shape of the shoe should be close to your foot shape. Use the mapping of your foot to find the best fit and shape shoe for you.

Note the girth of your foot and arch support. Perfect arch support means that the shoes have padding in the sole of your feet where it arches. The perfect sneakers for your feet should always fit like an extension of your foot.

Check if the sneakers hug your feet in the right places. Sneakers should always bend where your toes bend as well. If you are an avid rock climber, this will come in handy.

3. Style and Quality

Never sacrifice quality for style. Always look at the materials of the shoe before purchasing. Remember that with shoes, you will always get what you paid for.

Each material comes with different perks. For instance, canvas shoes offer more airflow with your workout clothes.

Different style sneakers also have different traction. Consider the sole of the sneaker, as this will determine its traction. Those patterns on the bottom of your shoe are not for design but also safety.

Activities such as hiking, skydiving, etc. need shoes with a lot of traction. Sports like football have shoes with many projections for better traction and grip. If you’re looking for a walking shoe, studded football sneakers aren’t the best option.

These materials also have added designs by different brands. With the many colors and styles available, it can be overwhelming to choose the style right for you. Luckily, there’s this style guide to save the day.

In addition, you should get shoes that will last you a few years. The best sneakers should be able to withstand everyday wear and tear. Sneakers can get expensive, so always make sure you invest in something worth your while.

4. Your Needs

Before asking how to buy sneakers, ask yourself what you need the sneakers? What activities are you planning to use the shoes for? If you plan on going running, you can head over here to find the perfect pair of insoles.

Your needs are the first thing you should consider when buying shoes. There are several kinds of shoes like running and biking shoes. There are also shoes made for sports like tennis, basketball, and football.

Have you noticed you get a lot of blisters in your heels? Find a sneaker that’s soft around the ankles.

Buying shoes made for your needs will make you as comfortable as possible. These shoes have the specifications needed to help you with your activity. Make a list of things you need in a sneaker and what type of sneaker can help you satisfy that need.

5. Company Policy

Make sure to buy from a reputable company that only sells authentic products. This ensures that you don’t waste money on cheap knockoffs. Good companies have return policies that guarantee buyers quality products.

Some items may have manufacturing errors or stains. New shoes should always be as advertised and not fall apart within the first week. Looking at the company policy for returns will save you money if you need it.

Brands are a good basis for quality, and reputable brands offer free replacements. Always make sure to check the company policies for returns and exchanges.

If you are an avid online buyer, make sure what their buyer protection policy is. Many people get scammed with fake or different items shipped or received. A good company will always refund you if it’s proven that your package got tampered with.

Even the best companies may sometimes have faulty products, so you don’t want to be stuck with defective sneakers. As with any product, you want to make sure you get a warranty.

Buying Sneakers Made Easy

Now that you know what to consider from fit to style, you’ll have the perfect fit for the next time you go out. Read these other shoe tips on how to rock your sneakers. Share these with your friends who are also buying sneakers and match them.

What to have more fitspo for the next time you’re buying sneakers? Check out our other blog posts to discover more!

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