How to Choose an Excellent Sublimation Printer?

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How to Choose an Excellent Sublimation Printer?

Sublimation is the best economical means to print onto plastic products. It uses heat to transfer dye into a product. It is now possible for anyone to print whatever design they like. By doing so, you can customize personalized items such as t-shirts, key chains, mugs, and other kinds of promotional merchandise. You may look for a Media Material Wholesale supplier to order quality materials you can print on.

Sublimation printing allows you to use any image as a background with high-quality results. The Epson 1430 printer (also called 1430U) was introduced in January 2012 at an affordable price, making it possible for many small shops and individuals to buy their sublimation printers. Alternatively, you may work with a company that provides Blueprinting services.

If you are looking to buy a sublimation printer for your business, here are a few things to consider:

1. How Will You Use the Printer?

Your choice of sublimation printer relies heavily on its intended purpose. There are primary and advanced printers in the market. As a rule of thumb, basic printers can do only black and white output, while advanced printers can also produce color prints.

Basic printers are cheaper but will require more time when preparing files for printing since you have to manually edit each file to add background colors or images that depict just black and white.

On the other hand, advanced printers are pricier but can do much more, making them suitable for tasks that require color images or printing on multiple types of substrates.

2. How Big Is Your Business?

Purchasing a printer for your home business may be fine if you only have to print occasionally and you don’t need color. But if you are planning to produce a larger volume of print jobs, then an advanced printer is more appropriate for your needs since it will save you both time and money in the long run.

3. How Heavy Is Your Budget?

No matter how big or small, business budgets are always tight, so you have to balance the type of printer you need and its price.

The sublimation printer with the most features cost more money. Basic printers are less costly, but they will limit you in quality and functions.

4. Do You Need Text Capabilities?

If you are printing text with your images, a printer that can produce high-resolution text like the Epson 1430 will be ideal. Texts in low resolutions will not look very good in most cases.

Text capabilities are not available on most sublimation printers. If you frequently work with text, be prepared to spend more on a printer supporting this feature.

Lastly, consider these two other issues:

  • Will your business operates both at home and outside the house?
  • How much time would you like to put into learning?

5. Do You Need Color?

Color printers cost more than basic black and white printers, but they allow you to showcase vivid images containing multiple colors.

If you are planning to sell your sublimated products online, then an inkjet printer might be the best choice for you since it prints onto most types of substrates.

How Much Area Can the Printer Cover?

The size of the printer you need depends on the size of your shop or business. A standard complete set includes a printer, a finisher, and a cutter.

In addition, keep in mind that larger printers take more time to heat up, so they have longer warm-ups. You can also opt for split models where some components are connected to different power supplies to save energy costs.

Final Thoughts

The sublimation printer’s footprint determines the amount of space it will occupy in your shop. If you have limited space, opt for models that allow vertical installations to save floor space.

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