9 Best Sony Mirrorless Cameras Based on DxOMark Scores

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9 Best Sony Mirrorless Cameras Based on DxOMark Scores

Sony is one of the camera manufacturers that aggressive enough in developing mirrorless cameras. Today, there have been tens of Sony mirrorless camera models released by Sony. Plenty of Sony mirrorless cameras get a high enough scores on DxOMark, especially the full frame models.

In case you are not familiar with DxOMark yet. It is a website that tests the quality of cameras released on the market. The aspect it tests is the camera sensor. Sony mirrorless cameras, as mentioned above, often get a high score on this website.

Sony itself is one of the recommended brands if you want buy a mirrorless camera. In case you have a plan to buy a Sony mirrorless camera in the near future and is conducting a research to decide which model you have to buy, the list below might can help. I have put together Sony mirrorless cameras based on their scores on DxOMark to narrow down your choice so you can save your time.

1. Sony A5100

DxOMark score: 80

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One of the mirrorrless cameras from Sony is A5100. It is a viewfinderless camera that has a very compact design as the main characteristic of mirrorless cameras. If you need a “take it anywhere” camera then Sony A5100 is a worth considering item especially if you have a limited budget since A5100 is available for under $500. Sony A5100 is well-welcomed enough entry level mirrorless with DxOMark gave it the score of 80 during the test.

Despite its small body, Sony A5100 has a big enough sensor — 24-megapixel. It is capable of generating photos with the maximum resolution of 6024 x 4024. This camera comes with a relatively low ISO range. The maximum ISO you can set is 25600. Sony A5100 has an articulated, touch screen display with the screen size of 3-inch. Sony A5100 was announced in August 2014.

2. Sony A7S II

DxOMark score: 85

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Sony A7S II is one of the recommended models if you are looking for a mirrorless camera with a viewfinder feature. Sony A7S II itself is a full frame mirrorless from Sony that was announced in September 2015 as the successor of Sony A7 II. This camera has a long ISO range (50 – 409600) as well as more options of shutter speed setting in case you want to take a picture of moving objects. The improvement added to A7S II is the capability of recording 4K view without needing to install addition equipment like its predecessor. On the display section, Sony A7S II offers a 3-inch articulated display with 1.22m dots, but doesn’t support touch operation.

3. Sony A6300

DxOMark score: 85

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Sony A6300 is also a mirrorless camera that has a viewfinder feature. It’s just, the location of viewfinder on this camera is a bit weird. Instead of on the center area like the majority of cameras, you will find the viewfinder of this camera on the left side of the rear camera body, while the center area is used to place the flash as well as trigger slot. A6300 comes with a very compact design so Sony’s effort to offer the viewfinder is worth to appreciate. On DxOMark, this camera has the same score as Sony A7S II.

Sony A6300 itself is the updated version of Sony A6000. This camera was announced in February 2016. It features a 24-megapixel sensor with 425 autofocus points, which is excellent for taking pictures of moving objects. One of the improvements added by Sony on A6300 is the battery which is now capable of taking 400 shots from previously 360.

4. Sony A6500

DxOMark score: 85

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Only 8 months after announcing A6300 in February 2016, Sony announced its updated version A6500. Not much changes added by Sony to A6500. It still uses the same sensor and image processor. One of the improvements added by Sony is the image stabilizer. Sony A6500 is the first Sony mirrorless camera to integrate a 5-axis image stabilizator in a body with APS-C-sized sensor. Another improvement is the autofocus in which Sony claims that A6500 has an autofocus performance as short as 0.05 seconds.

5. Sony A7 II

DxOMark score: 90

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Sony A7 II is the older version of Sony A7S II (number two above), but this version has a higher score on DxOMark. While its successor gets the score of 85, Sony A7 II gets the score of 90. Sony A7 II itself features a 24-megapixel sensor compared to 12-megapixel belong to Sony A7S II. However, there are some sections where Sony A7S II is better. Like ISO range and number of autofocus points. Sony A7 II has the ISO range of 50 – 51200 while its autofocus points are 117. Fewer than Sony A7S II which has 169 autofocus points. Sony A7 II was announced in November 2014.

6. Sony A9

DxOMark score: 92

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A9 is one of the full frame mirrorless cameras from Sony. This cameras was announced in April 2017 by Sony and becomes one of the Sony’s flagship mirrorless cameras. Sony A9 has a 24-megapixel and it has an excellent capability to take a pictures of moving objects thanks to the 693 autofocus points. Also, A9 allows you to set the shutter speed up to 1/32000 with the maximum ISO of 204800. Some highlight features offered by A9 include 20 frames per second with a buffer of 240 RAW and blackout-free shooting. On the display section, Sony A9 offers a 3-inch LCD touch screen display which is also articulated with 1.44m dots.

7. Sony A7 III

DxOMark score: 96

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A7 III was announced by Sony in February 2018 as the successor of A7 II. Sony A7 III itself is a full frame mirrorless camera from Sony that has the sensor of 24-megapixel with the autofocus points of 693. Same as A9 above, but A7 III comes with a lower maximum shutter speed (1/8000). Also, A7 III has fewer dots than A9. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available for wireless photo transfer to smartphone or tablet.

8. Sony A7R II

DxOMark score: 98

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A7R II is a another full frame mirrorless camera from Sony. This camera once became the camera to have the largest backside illuminated CMOS sensor when it was released in 2015. Sony A7R II itself has the sensor of 42-megapixel, making it capable of generating photos with the maximum resolution of 8000 x 5320. A7R II features an articulated display, but doesn’t support touch operation.

9. Sony A7R III

DxOMark score: 100

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And here it is. The Sony mirrorless camera that has a perfect score on DxOMark. Sony A7R III is a full frame mirrorless camera that was announced in October 2017 as the successor of Sony A7R II. Sony made some improvements to this camera, including the sensor although it still has the same size. Some improvements made Sony including dinamic range and autofocus points from 399 to 425. A7R III also has a sharper screen since it features a 1.44m dots display compared to 1.22m belong to A7R II. Another improvements also include shutter mechanism to reduce shutter-induced shake, dual SD card slots and battery life.

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