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9 Best Canon DSLR Cameras with Wi-Fi

In the current era, Wi-Fi is an important enough feature on DSLR camera. You can use this feature to instantly share photos from camera to smartphone without neither releasing the memory card nor plugging any cable. Several Canon DSLR cameras come with Wi-Fi feature.

In order to be able to share photos from your Canon DSLR camera to smartphone (or tablet) via Wi-Fi, you need to install an app called Canon Camera Connect, which is available for Android and iOS.

Following is the list of Canon DSLR cameras that have a Wi-Fi feature.

1. Canon 200D

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200D is the smallest DSLR camera from Canon (122x93mm). At the time of writing, this camera is still relatively new since it was just announced in June 2017. Canon 200D is the successor of Canon 100D. It comes with several improvements, including the sensor which is now 24-megapixel from previously 18-megapixel. Canon 200D comes with a Wi-Fi to allow you instantly share the photos you took to smartphone using Canon Camera Connect. As a new entry DSLR camera, 200D is good enough. It gets the score of 79 on DxOMark for its sensor. Its super compact design is another good point. This camera is capable of taking more photos than Canon 1300D on a single charge, although still far away from Nikon’s D3400. In the US market, Canon 200D is also known as Rebel SL2.

2. Canon 1300D

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Speaking about Canon entry level DSLR camera, 1300D is probably one of the most mentioned model other than 200D above. This camera also comes with a Wi-Fi feature so you can also share your photos from camera to smartphone wirelessly via Canon Camera Connect.

Overall, the features offered by 1300D are not much different to 200D above, but there is a big different in terms of sensor. 1300D has a smaller sensor than 200D (18-megapixel). 1300D itself is the successor of 1200D. Wi-Fi is one of the new features added by Canon which previously was not available. In the US market, this camera is more popular with the name of Rebel T6.

3. Canon 750D

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In addition to two models above, Canon also has other new entry DSLR camera model you can opt to. It is 750D. Canon announced this camera in 2015 and intended to be an entry-mid-level camera. Wi-Fi is also available on this camera so can quickly transfer the photos you took to smartphone for an instant use, like social media post. This camera itself has a 24-megapixel sensor. 750D is a good enough camera before you level-up becoming a sport photographer thanks to the 19 autofocus points (more than 200D). This feature is useful to take the photos of moving objects, like athletes who act on the pitch. In the US market, Canon 750D is also known as Rebel T6i.

4. Canon 760D

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760D is another entry level DSLR camera from Canon. The camera was announced at the same time as 750D. You might be wondering, what makes them different?

Technically, 760D is not much different to 750D. The two have an extremely similar specs and features. Both 760D and 750D have a 24-megapixel sensor. They also have a Wif-Fi feature to allow instantly transfer photos from camera to smartphone. What makes 760 different to 750D is that 760 has a LCD information display on top of the body. This feature has never available on the Canon’s xxxD line before. In addition, 760D also has a quick control dial on the rear of the body. Due these two features, Canon 760D is sold slightly more expensive than 750D. Canon 760D itself is also known known as Rebel T6s in the US market.

5. Canon 77D

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In case you want to replace your Canon 1300D or 200D camera but have not enough budget to buy a full frame model, Canon 77D can be a good consideration. It is a semi-pro DSLR camera from Canon, has a bigger sensor than four first models above. Canon 77D has a 25-megapixel sensor and gets the score of 78 on DxOMark. This camera itself was announced in February 2017 by Canon.

Canon 77D is projected to replace 760D above. On DxOMark, Canon 77D gets a higher score than 760D. In addition to sensor, 77D also offers some new features compared its predecessor, including more autofocus points (45), built-in HDR and time-lapse recording capability, high-speed continuous shooting at up to 6.0 fps and so on. Of course, this camera also has a Wi-Fi which you can take advantage of to transfer photos from camera to smartphone via Canon Camera Connect app.

6. Canon 70D

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In July 2013, Canon announced a new camera, 70D which was projected to be the successor of 60D. One of the new improvements added to 70D is Wi-Fi connectivity which was previously not available. Unfortunately, this camera seems is not succeed enough since it gets only the score of 68 on DxOMark. The sensor of this camera itself is 20-megapixel with the maximum image resolution it can produce is 5496×3670.

7. Canon 80D

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80D is the improved version of 70D above. As you can probably guess, 80D comes with several improvements. One of the notable ones is the sensor which is now 25-megapixel instead of 18. As a result, this camera is capable of generating better photos than its predecessor. DxOMark also gives higher score to this camera, 79. Canon announced this camera in February 2016. Another improvements offered by 80D is autofocus point number (from 19 to 45), built-in HDR and time-lapse recording capability, new shutter mechanism to help reduce vibrations and camera shake and so on. Also, this camera can be used to take more photos than 70D in a single charge. Of course, Wi-Fi is also available.

8. Canon 5D Mark IV

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The Wi-Fi feature on DSLR camera is not only available on entry level models. Some newer versions of full frame DSLR cameras also have this feature. Including 5D Mark IV from Canon. This camera was announced by Canon in September 2016 as the successor of 5D Mark III. Canon 5D Mark IV — which has a 31-megapixel sensor — gets a high score in DxOMark, 91. If you are big fan of Canon and is looking for a professional-grade DSLR camera that has a Wi-Fi then 5D Mark IV is the model you can consider.

9. Canon 6D Mark II

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6D Mark II is an affordable full frame DSLR camera from Canon aimed at professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. This camera comes with a 26-megapixel sensor. Same as 5D Mark IV, 6D Mark II also has a Wi-Fi feature so that you can instantly transfer photos from camera to smartphone using the Canon Camera Connect app. This camera itself was announced by Canon in June 2017. This camera gets the score of 83 on DxOMark, yet it received some critics from photographers. One of the reasons is because it doesn’t support 4K video shooting. Also, the autofocus points of this camera are dense around the center, resulting in slower focus and recompose maneuvers when used to take the photos of the moving subjects.

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