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Canon M6 vs Sony A6000: Which Mirrorless Camera is The Better?

M6 is a mirrorless camera from Canon. It is one of the mirrorless cameras from Canon that has a high enough score on DxOMark although not as high as mirrorless cameras from Sony, including A6000.

Speaking of Canon M6 and Sony A6000, these two cameras are often compared since they have the comparable specs and price. Both Canon M6 and Sony A6000 are mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC). Meaning that you can replace the lens to tailor your photography needs, much like you usually do with your DSLR camera. If you want to figure out which is the better between these cameras, read on.

Sony A6000 emerged first than Canon M6. It was announced by Sony on February 2014. Currently, this camera has been superseded by Sony A6300 and A6500 which was announced by Sony on February 2016. Meanwhile, Canon M6 was announced by Canon on February 2017 as the successor of Canon M5. Physically, one thing that differs these cameras is the viewfinder. Sony A6000 has an electronic viewfinder with the magnification of 0.7 while Canon M6 doesn’t have the same feature.

As usual, we have created the table below to makes it easy for you in comparing the specs of these cameras.

Specs comparison: Canon M6 vs Sony A6000

 Canon M6Sony A6000
AnnouncedFebruary 2017February 2014
Sensor25.5-Mpix APS-C CMOS24-Mpix APS-C CMOS
DxOMark score7882
Color filter arrayRGBRGB
Resolution6288 x 40566024 x 4024
ISO100 - 25600100 - 25600
Fastest - Slowest speed (s)1/4000 - 30.01/4000 - 30.0
Frame rate (fps)9.011
Mount typeCanon EF-MSony E
Weight390 g344 g
Battery typeLi-ion, LP-E17, 7.2V, 1040mAhNP-FW50 (7.2V), 1080mAh
Number of autofocus points49179
Autofocus modesOne-shot, AI-ServoAF-A, AF-S, AF-C, DMF,MF
StorageSD, SDHC, SDXCSD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick Pro Duo, Pro-HG Duo
Image formatJPEG, RAW (CR2)JPEG, RAW (ARW)
Other featuresBluetooth, Wi-Fi, live view, touch screen display, sound recording, exteral micro, histogram, full HDLive view, articulated screen, exposure bracketing, WB bracketing, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, sound recording, external micro, histogram
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Commonly, the first spec seen by aspiring camera buyer is the sensor. The matter of sensor, both Canon M6 and Sony A6000 adopt the APS-C sensor, but the sensor of Sony A6000 has a larger size than Canon M6’s. More detailed about sensor will be covered on the next section below.

In addition to sensor, ISO range and shutter speed range are also another specs usually considered by photographers. Since Canon M6 and Sony A6000 adopt a crop sensor instead of full frame, higher ISO range is a better option to take some pictures in a lack of light condition such as night photography. Unfortunately, you have no better choice on this section since both Canon 6 and Sony A6000 offer the same ISO range of 100 – 25600. The same case applies to the shutter speed range. Both Canon M6 and Sony A6000 offer the same shutter speed range of 1/4000 – 30.0.

One of the advantages of Sony A6000 over Canon M6 is that Sony A6000 is better for taking the pictures of moving objects. Two technical aspects behind this are because Sony A6000 has more more autofocus points and frame rates. The more autofocus points a camera has, the better the camera in detecting the moving objects to help you get the focus point of the object are taking the photos of. While frame rates determine the amount of the photos captured by the camera on a single shutter press on the continuous shot mode.

Canon M6


Sony A6000



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As you can see on the images above, both Canon M6 and Sony A6000 come with an articulated screen. The difference, the screen of Sony A6000 doesn’t support touch operation while Canon M6’s does. Also, the screen of Canon M6 is sharper in displaying image preview due to the tighter pixel density. The screen of Canon M6 has 1040000 dots while Sony A6000 has only 921600. Both the screen of Canon M6 and Sony A6000 have the same size of 3-inch.

Both Canon M6 and Sony A6000 have no capability of recording 4K videos. The maximum video resolution they can record is 1920 x 1080 with frame rates 60 fps. Be it Canon M6 or Sony A6000 offers Wi-Fi for wireless photo transfer and other types of Wi-Fi implementations. Especially Canon M6, this camera also offers Bluetooth.

As mentioned earlier above. One of the physical differences between these cameras is viewfinder. Sony A6000 comes with a built-in electronic viewfinder in case you are the sort of photographer who can’t live without it. Canon M6, on the other hand, doesn’t offer a built-in electronic viewfinder, but you can install an external viewfinder as an additional accessories in case you really need it. Speaking of battery life, Sony A9 is slightly better than Canon M6. On a single charge, you can use Sony A6000 to take about 360 photos, compared to Canon M6 which only capable of taking about 295 photos per charging.

Sensor comparison: Canon M6 vs Sony A6000

Sensor is one of the most vital components of the digital camera system. It is the component that detects the object you want to take the photos of. Choosing a good camera sensor is not about megapixel. Megapixel is matter, but you should also notice the size of the associated sensor.

The sensor of Sony A6000 is slightly larger than Canon M6, about 11 percent larger. The sensor of Sony A6000 has the crop factor of 1.5 while Canon M6’s has the crop factor of 1.6. Following is the comparison of the sensor size between Canon M6 and Sony A6000.

Body comparison: Canon M6 vs Sony A6000

Both Canon M6 and Sony A6000 are a mirrorless cameras so they come in a compact design. The body of Sony A6000 is slightly wider than Canon M6. Conversely, Canon M6 has a higher number when it comes to high. Overall, the body of Sony A6000 is about 6 percent larger than Canon M6. However, Canon M6 is heavier. Take a look at the images we have created below to see the comparison.

Photo results comparison: Canon M6 vs Sony A6000

You are going to use your camera to take the pictures. So, it reasonable enough if you are curious what the pictures taken using Canon M6 and Sony A6000 are look like. To help save you time in conducting an online research, we have explored Pixabay — our favorite resource to free images — to find the examples of the pictures taken using Canon M6 and Sony A6000. Pixabay makes it possible to filter the images catalog by camera model. We have also added the EXIF data to allow you identifying the used lens on each photo since lens is also a key factor affecting the image quality other than camera sensor.

  • Canon M6

  • Sony A6000


Be it Canon M6 or Sony A6000 can be categorized as a mid-range mirrorless. The overall specs of these cameras are not much difference, but if your intention of using your camera is for taking pictures of moving objects, we will suggest Sony A6000 instead of Canon M6 given that Sony A6000 has more autofocus points and more frame rates. Other consideration is the DxOMark score.

Sony A6000 has a higher score on DxOMark than Canon. DxOMark is not the word of God, at least you can use it as the parameter since DxOMark tests the camera first before giving a score. But overall, be it Canon M6 or Sony A6000 is a good mirrorless camera, with a very compact body. They can be  great gear for traveling thanks to their light of weight.


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