5 Affordable Full Frame DSLR Cameras Under $1000

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5 Affordable Full Frame DSLR Cameras Under $1000

Owning a full frame DSLR camera is a dream of every photographer. With a larger image sensor, a full frame camera is capable of generating super sharp photos. If you want to level-up with your photography hobby, there is no question again for you not to start investing on a full frame DSLR.

The problem is that a full frame DSLR camera typically costs pretty expensive, especially newer models like Nikon D850 and Sony A99 II. If your budget is limited, you don’t have to follow the market trend by buying the latest camera model. Sure, a newer model is more suggested since it typically comes with some improvements on specs and features. However, if you have a limited budget, what you can do?

Besides, photography is not always about the gear. It’s about who is behind the lens. So, here are top 5 affordable full frame DSLR camera you can get for under $1000.

1. Canon EOS 6D

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On the first list of affordable full frame DSLR camera we have Canon 6D. Like mentioned above, we are not talking about trend here so if you are looking for the latest model of Canon camera, you are not in the right place. Instead, we are talking about functionality of the camera itself. Canon 6D has the sensor size of 24.3-megapixel. Today, there has been the successor of Canon 6D in the self of Canon 6D Mark II. However, you have to spend extra money to get Canon 6D Mark II. While for Canon 6D, you only need to spend less than $1000. Please note that it is the price of body only. Lens is not included yet.

Canon 6D is probably an ideal choice if your intention of using your full frame DSLR camera is for an outdoor photography or studio photography. With the autofocus numbers are only 11, Canon 6D is less ideal for taking photos of moving objects like sports or the similar objects. The camera itself was firstly released in September 2012.

2. Nikon D3S

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Nikon D3S is not also a new camera model. It’s even an older model than Canon 6D above. Big chances are you won’t be able to look for the new camera for this model. The best way to get this camera is by buying the used item. D3S is released by Nikon in October 2009. It is the fourth Nikon camera to feature a full frame sensor. By now, this model has been replaced by Nikon D4. Depending on where you buy, but the vast majority of sellers sell Nikon D3S for under $1000.

Nikon D3S has a smaller sensor than Canon 6D. Since it is a very old camera version (nearly a decade), Nikon D3S comes with a very lack of features. It doesn’t even have an autofocus mode.

3. Nikon D600

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On DxOMark, the performance of the sensor of Nikon D600 get the score of 94. If your trust the site (DxOMark) and often use it as a parameter before you buy a new camera, then D600 is probably the affordable full frame DSLR camera you are looking for. If you buy the new item chances are you still have to spend more than $1000 to get this camera. So, if you want to take this camera home then the most possible way to get it for under $1000 is by buying the used item. D600 itself is released by Nikon in September 2012. This camera is aimed at professional photographers.

Speaking of specs and features, Nikon D600 has a 24.49-megapixel sensor size. Also, it camera comes with 39 autofocus points. Not bad for taking photos of moving objects although there are many other cameras you can opt to if you really need to do so with your camera.

4. Nikon D610

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A year later after releasing D600, Nikon released the newer model which projected to become its successor. The camera is D610. Nikon D610 comes with several improvements including a new shutter unit that supports a quiet mode at 3 frames per second and improved white balance. Since D610 is the newer model of D600 so logically its price is higher. And yes, the price of a new Nikon D610 is a bit more expensive than its predecessor — and still above $1000. So, if you want to get this full frame DSLR camera by under $1000 the best way you can do is to buy the used item. The overall features of Nikon D610 are not much different. It still use a 24.49-megapixel sensor and features 39 autofocus points.

5. Nikon D700

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The initial release of Nikon D700 has been a decade ago so you would be an old-fashioned photographer to use this camera. If you have no problem with that, then you can go on by buying this camera. Just keep in mind that this camera comes with a very lack features since it’s an “old-fashioned” camera. It uses the same 12.1-megapixel “FX” CMOS image sensor as the Nikon D3.

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