Fascinating Ideas on Creating Package Designs for Paper Products

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Fascinating Ideas on Creating Package Designs for Paper Products

Creating a package design for paper products is not only to look beautiful but also to meet all legal requirements and the needs for quality assurance within your industry. Therefore, many design decisions should be made early on, especially if dealing with an automated or mass manufacturing process. At this stage, you can decide on any number of design elements such as height, width, color, and shape of the packaging and materials you will use. If you need tube-shaped packaging materials, you may consider using kraft tubes. You may also consider investing in a shrink wrapping equipment to help with your packaging processes. This post covers ways how to create package designs for paper products.

Identify The Product

Identifying the product can be your first step in designing the packaging. That can include creating an idea of the product by having a general idea of its shape and size and what materials it will be made out of. Plastech Group Ltd offers a tantamount of choices according to the design you wish to achieve. Your ideas on this stage will also give you an idea as to how much space you will need to fill on your package. For example, if your product is squatter, you may want to give more space to its sides than if it is taller or wider.

Finalize The Dimensions

Once you have identified the product and its spatial requirements and what materials it will be made out of, you can begin to finalize its dimensions. Your dimensions are your design ‘rules,’ and they should be your guide throughout the entire process of designing a package. They are dependent on the product, but typically, guidelines can be applied to just about any product. For example, when it comes to square paper products (such as tissues or napkins), standard dimensions for their height and width would be about 6 inches x 6 inches. This size would give enough space for one layer of tissue and a lot of information to be printed (typography, graphics, etc.).

Create A Logo And Visual Identity

Your logo is the first thing your consumer will notice, and it will either make them reach for your package or choose another brand. The design of your logo and visual identity is crucial to selling your product. If it is not attractive, you may have trouble getting people to buy from you or get them to buy someone else’s products instead. Your logo should be easily recognizable, in large and small sizes and monotone or color. A good logo will also help you to create a strong brand identity.

The visual identity of your product is how the look of your design can be translated into a 3-dimensional shape for your packaging design. A well-designed visual identity should be neutral and timeless and represents the essence of your product. Uniformity is key to the success of your brand so that it can be used in all environments without being confusing or unprofessional looking. For example, using similar fonts, colors, shapes, and graphics throughout all their marketing pieces can help create uniformity among your customers.

Make Your Design

Creating the packaging design is the final step, and it can be a long and arduous one. There are many factors to consider, such as manufacturing, marketing, colors, and materials. However, one thing is certain if you want your product to look professional and sell well at retail then you’ll want to work with Printron service. In this case, the texture of your packaging will help add interest to your designs. The material for your packaging may give off a particular look or color that may work well with the rest of the design elements in the front panel. If you need a cartoning machine for the packaging, you may consider navigating to this website at https://packagingeurope.com to help you find the best. You can also mix and match 3D shapes for different sizes of products. In other words, you can use various shapes to create a different-sized package for your product. If you need innovative packaging solutions, then you may visit sites like https://www.epicpackaging.co/epic-packout-and-fulfillment to learn more.

You can consider using unique or refreshing blister pack shapes for your packages, such as circles, stars, or rectangles, as long as they work with the rest of your design. In addition, you might also consider hiring print embossing services to create a unique and beautiful product packaging design. Most importantly, you should ensure that the packaging is not only functional but also attractive, memorable, and unique. That is why brands such as Plastech Group Ltd use plastic tube cores, poster tubes, and clear flat-folding gift cartons for keeping materials in ideal condition, limiting tearing and knotting. Further, customers can request customized paper cores according to length.

Package designs tell your customers everything they need to know about your paper products. These designs can either help or harm the sale of your product. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that every detail is perfect before you release it into the world.

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