How to Install the Unsplash Plugin on Figma

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How to Install the Unsplash Plugin on Figma

Both Figma and Unsplash are two popular resources used by creative workers. Figma is a cross-platform tool used to create app/web design and prototype. While Unsplash is a free stock photo website to get photos. You can use Unsplash as an alternative to Shutterstock and other paid stock photo websites.

When creating a design in Figma, you can add an image. Figma has a built-in feature to add an image, but you need to prepare your image first to add it. If you want to add an image from Unsplash, for instance, you need to download it first to your computer, which forces to work twice. If you often use images from Unsplash, you can install the Unsplash plugin on Figma to streamline your workflow. The plugin allows you to add an image directly from Unsplash without downloading it to your computer first.

To install the plugin, first, open Figma and login with your account. Once logged in, click your profile icon and select Plugins. You can find the icon on the front page of Figma.

On the appearing window, click the Browse plugins in Community link under the Plugins tab.

Seek for Unsplash. Once you found it, click the Install button to install it.

Since Figma is a cloud-based app, the plugin you install will be available on all platforms you access the Figma app from. Whether from Windows, Mac, or web browser.

How to Use the Unsplash Plugin on Figma

The Unsplash plugin for Figma is an official plugin developed by the Unsplash team. The plugin will load the images library on Unsplash. You can add an image you like by simply clicking it.

To use the plugin, first, select an object you want to add an image to (e.g., a rectangle) and click the Figma icon on the toolbar and select Plugins -> Unsplash. Or, if you use the Figma desktop app, you can also click the Plugins menu on the menu bar and select Unsplash.

On the appearing window, you can search for the image you want to use. You can search for an image on the Editorial tab, the Presets tab, or on the Search tab. You can simply click the image you want to insert to your design.

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