5 Simple Hacks for a Modern Kitchen Makeover

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5 Simple Hacks for a Modern Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen is more than an area for cooking. It is where the family gathers to celebrate milestones. It is where meaningful conversations form over meal prep. It is where memories of bliss and togetherness are created. So it is only logical to make this space as homey as possible.

What better way to keep that magic alive than to give it that much-needed facelift with the help of kitchen remodeling services. If you are searching for ways on how to instantly change your kitchen, then you came to the right place. Here are 5 simple hacks for a modern kitchen makeover:

1. Take advantage of space

The key to a modern kitchen is space. The woes of many kitchen owners usually have something to do with clutter. However, the problem is less likely about the lack of space and more about organizing within that space.

Through the years, several people have come up with hacks to solve these issues. Some of these kitchen ideas include investing in under-shelf storage, building pull-out pantries, taking advantage of wall space through hooks, and much more. Many of these tips are DIY projects.

The best part about this is that you don’t need to spend to take advantage of space. For example, some people use old storage bins to put similar products together — from whirlpool washer to dish washer. This tip makes it easy when need to invite services to fix things, such as whirlpool washer repair service. Others like to use Tupperware or plastic containers for segregating trash. The possibilities are endless!

Tiny homeowners often use these techniques to make the most of their space. So, the next time you are stressing over a lack of space, consider how you use it instead. You never know the potential of just moving some stuff around.

2. Bring in some plants

The ability of plants to bring life to a room is not stressed enough. Not only can they add color to your dull kitchen, but they allow easy breathing too. As plants use carbon dioxide for oxygen production, they are natural air fresheners.

Plants have multiple functions. Aside from its decorative and oxygen-producing features, some plants are edible. Having an indoor herb garden in your kitchen will help spice up your space, and more importantly, your food!

Aside from those mentioned above, plants are also known as stress-relievers and mood boosters. While some are known to be high-maintenance, others only require sunlight and occasional weekly watering. Make sure to do your research before bringing a leafy friend home!

From rosemary to basil to aloe vera to spider plants, there is a wide variety of plants that you can select from. Take into consideration factors like care requirements, climate, budget, and space.

While there are pricey plants in the market, there are much more that work for those on a budget. If you need something to spruce up your kitchen, then a plant may be the thing for you.

3. When in doubt, stick to white

Whether you’re thinking of painting some cabinets or contemplating a decor purchase, more often than not, white is the way to go. White gives kitchens a clean and pristine look. However, there are some caveats.

Though sticking with white may seem nice at first, it isn’t as great when spills and dirt ruin the once spotless surface. Thus, before committing to the all-white kitchen, you might want to consider the maintenance issues that come with it.

Fortunately, many homeowners have come up with various tricks that you too can use to keep your kitchen clean. Some have even come up with protective mechanisms to prevent these stains and soils in the first place.

Another important note is to not go too overboard with the white theme. Learn to contrast it with some browns or any other natural shade. If you want to lighten up your kitchen and give it that modern look, then white is the way to go.

4. Let the natural light in

Imagine this, you wake up in the morning and make your way to the kitchen. The soft morning sunlight warms your skin as you make yourself a cup of coffee to the sound of birds chirping outside. Nothing can seem to dampen your mood as you soak in the natural light that your kitchen has graced you with that morning.

Fortunately, you can go beyond imaging. A well-lit kitchen is within your grasp! Identify your natural sources of light and remove any obstruction if possible.

There are many things that you can do to maximize the light that comes into your kitchen. Open up your windows and invest in light fabric curtains. Look for ways to free up space and let light in from adjacent rooms.

By letting natural light in, you will be able to brighten your living spaces and save on power. It is not only a stylistic choice but an environmentally-friendly one as well! So what are you waiting for? Open those windows and let the sunlight do its work.

5. Work with wood

Recently, more and more people have begun to incorporate wood siding in Denver. As kitchens are supposed to elicit feelings of warmth and hominess, reclaimed wood is a unique way to do so. We have experts on staff that are ready to assist you with your upcoming siding project. We can also add tremendous curb appeal and even increase the overall value of your home.

Hardwood floors add a natural and rustic touch to any area of the kitchen. By using reclaimed or upcycled wood, you will be able to save money and reduce waste. Some have used this in building islands, eclectic furniture, and much more.

Combining elements of wood and white is also a great way to add a vintage twist to your space. It is all about careful and intentional planning. You don”’t want to overwhelm your guests with too much of anything!

If you’re considering adding cedar accents to your kitchen for a modern makeover, it’s worth learning about the benefits of natural cedar siding from a trusted source like G&B Quality Cedar Products.”

You can never really go wrong with wood as it never goes out of style. Search for ideas on Pinterest and selectively feature pieces in the right places. Remember before you take a trip to the mall, try to work with what you have!

In a Nutshell

With these five hacks, you can bring back life into your drab kitchen. With the right amount of research, recycling, and planning, you will be able to give it a makeover without breaking the bank.

The kitchen is a wonderful place. It is where warm meals are cooked into existence, memories are cherished, and bonds are strengthened. Keep that magic alive and start a kitchen renovation to give it a makeover!

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