What Are the Most Popular Baby Boy Names for Millennials?

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What Are the Most Popular Baby Boy Names for Millennials?

Parents of all eras and generations are excited to name their children. They want the unique and one-of-its-kind name of their offspring.

If you’re born between 1982 -2004 then you’re a millennial. Kids born during this time are known to do things differently. Unlike their parents, they are interested in buying a car and staying in a rented house. They first want to explore the world and then save money.

Are you interested to know what most popular baby boy names for millennial?
Then this post is for you. Read ahead.

Top Baby Boy Names among Millennials

We have listed many top names, starting from the next section. Alternatively, you can click here and visit CocoFinder.

There, you can find popular baby names for both the gender. The extensive alphabetical naming list is displayed with the name’s rank in the Social Security Administration’s Baby Name. Hence, figuring out how popular that name is won’t be a tedious job.

All-time favorite Millennial Baby Boy Names

Certain names are every parent’s first choice, no matter what era it is.

William tops the list of such names. It has been winning hearts since 1500 and hasn’t dipped much in the popularity chart after so many decades. The proof is the 2019 SSA list where it grabbed 3rd rank. There are 378,870 millennials with this name. It seems this only name that pops up in every mother’s mind when a son is born.

Nicolas is another very famous name. There are 398,070 millennials having this name. It was at its peak in 1995 when it scored 6th rank. In 2019, it was placed at 74th rank. It means victory for people.

Names with Unique Meaning

If your parent loved popular baby boy names with unique meanings then here are our top guesses:

  • Kyle

Kyle is very popular amongst millennials. As per our research, there are around 271,387 millennials with this name. It reached its maximum in 1990 when it was ranked as #18 by SSA. The beginning of the millennial generation was the lowest point for this name. Presently, this name is at 228th place and winning many hearts.

Speaking of meaning, Kyle means narrow. Some of the famous personalities having this name are Kyle Chandler (actor) and Kyle Busch (car racer).

  • Eric

Eric means sole ruler or eternal ruler and was used a lot for the beginning of the millennial generation. In 1981, it grabbed 17th rank in SSA’s list. Data says that there are nearly 287,157 people of this name. The name belongs to Germania origin and is short & sweet.

Many use it as a nickname for Ericson. In 2019, it holds the 176th rank in the list.

  • Tyler

If you’re born between 1980 & 2000, chances are good that you’re named Tyler as there are nearly 274,848 millennials having this name. During 1993-1994, it was at its peak and secured #5 rank. It belongs to Old English and is an occupational name.

It means doorkeeper of an inn or homemaker.

  • Brandon

The meaning of Brandon may sound vague for some but it is a very popular name amongst millennials. There are around 406,805 millennials of this name. It was in 6th place in 1992. It means crow or little raven.

  • Kevin

Every child is handsome and if your parents thought you to be the most handsome then they must have named you Kevin.

This name is of Irish origin and means handsome. Speaking of its popularity, there are a total of 297,835 millennials sharing this name. It was at its peak in 1987 and 1989 when it was at 19th rank. Presently, it holds 125th rank. Actors Kevin Hart and Kevin Bacon are making this name more popular.

  • Nathan

Nathan means the gift of God which every child is. This was also a very famous name for millennials.

Names with Biblical Meaning

Millennials of religious parents are more likely to name their baby boy Michael, Joshua, David, Ethan, James, Noah, Andrew, and Anthony. All these names were within the top 20 ranks all through the millennial years.

Jacob was also a very popular biblical name for millennials. However, do you know how many chapters in the bible? Check out for more info!

As of now, there are 308,527 millennials of this name as it was in first place in 2004. After so many years also, its sheen hasn’t faded a bit. It is ranked 13 in SSA 2019 list.

Cute Baby Boy Names

There are names that sound very cute and pleasing. If your parents wanted to give you such a name then here are guesses:

  • Ryan

Ryan became popular during the beginning of 2000. The name belongs from Old Irish culture and means little king or illustrious. It is actually a unisex name. In 2000, it was at 13th place and 20,264 kids had this name. At the end of the millennial era, it was in 12th place and was going strong.

  • Dylan

Dylan means son of sea or son of wave and was quite famous at the end of the millennial era. From 200-2004, its position kept on hopping between 20-25. Parents loved it for its cute sound.

A Little Note

You must be proud that you belong to a trendsetting generation and have witnessed a huge technological advancement. As the first set of the millennial era is going to celebrate their 38th birthday this year, we assume that you’re also a parent or soon-to-be parent.

So, a time will come when you must be hunting names for your kids. While you do so, don’t forget to refer to CocoFinder.

It is the place where all your quests for unique and beautiful baby boy and baby girl names will come to an end. The site follows the SSA list rigorously and keeps on adding names as per trends. Also, keep this expert advice in mind while you’re going to name your child.

The Final Word

Always look for meaning. A name that sounds good but has a vague meaning will do no good. Don’t keep a name with complex spelling or pronunciation. This creates confusion. And also give some good thought to old man names (some great ideas can be found at https://kidadl.com/baby-names/inspiration/charming-old-man-names-for-boys), as a lot of them are just brilliant names for boys.

Names with clear sounds are always preferred the most. Make sure all the name parts are in sync with each other, if you’re keeping the middle name.

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