2 Industries Being Changed by Technology (and We Don’t Even Know It Yet)

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2 Industries Being Changed by Technology (and We Don’t Even Know It Yet)

Technology is changing just about everything, though there are some areas where it isn’t quite as noticeable. Many people may not realize just how much data is being collected and how it can be used to improve their life. Two industries being changed by technology today, that many people might not realize, are insurance underwriting and the healthcare industry. Read below to learn more about the innovative technology making changes today.

Insurance Underwriting

Insurance underwriting is what allows a person to become insured – the company must analyze their risk before offering insurance – and that determines the cost of insurance based on the benefits provided. This is typically done using charts and algorithms, but technology is changing the way underwriting is done. This could mean big changes for those who are insured.

More Personalized Assessments

With new technology, insurance companies are now able to offer more personalized risk assessments. Verikai uses machine learning, for instance, to create better risk assessments for anyone who applies for new insurance. This way, people aren’t grouped with others that may be a lower or higher risk. Using a more personalized assessment could allow someone to pay less for insurance if it is determined they are a lower risk compared to others of the same age, gender, and more.

Faster Risk Assessment

Risk assessments done using machine learning are much faster than standard risk assessments, so it’s possible to offer a personalized insurance policy quickly. This allows insurers to work much faster when offering a policy, which can help them create more policies compared to the competition. One may then question why dynamic risk assessments are becoming increasingly important. The answer can be found by visiting this link, which highlights the importance of this practice, even in cases of asbestos. Embracing dynamic risk assessments is essential to address uncertainties and to shape a business’s path towards success.

Healthcare Industry

It’s no surprise that there is new technology being used in healthcare, but what many people don’t realize is it’s being used behind the scenes to change how they receive healthcare, too. One example of the tech companies providing innovations for healthcare is healthtechresourcesinc.com. Check them out. The following are a few of the changes most people may not be aware of yet.

Predictive Healthcare

Right now, most healthcare received is reactive – something goes wrong, and the doctor works to help their patient. With better analytics, however, predictive healthcare is possible. Potential problems are spotted faster, enabling a higher chance for success in treatment.

Remote Health Improvements

It’s possible to use video calling to see a doctor without visiting in person, but technology is taking this a step further. Using the latest in technology, it may soon be possible for doctors to check a patient’s stats remotely, providing better care over the phone.

Better Analysis of Scans

One of the biggest causes of patient injury is errors in reading scans. Machine learning can lead to a way for machines to analyze scans, significantly reducing the potential for any errors and helping patients avoid injuries as a result.

Though technology is changing everywhere, it’s not always obvious how it’s changing various industries and what it could mean for the future. These are just a couple of examples of the way technology can help make significant changes, without many people being aware that it’s happening or how it is occurring.

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