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Advantages of Mock Test Among Students

Tests are an essential part of our study process. So are mock tests. Mock tests are important to conduct so that the students can test themselves. It helps them to know their abilities and improvements in their study. A student should appear for a mock test at least once every week. Regular studies and a mock test in a week will help to improve and bring the necessary changes to the students.

Mock tests have got a lot of advantages among the students. First, they help to prepare for the examination. Conducting mock tests in the same process as the final examination will help the students to judge one’s ability. They should prepare question papers to appear on the test. Students should write the test continuously for 2 to 3 hours. As we know “Practice makes a man perfect”, therefore practising mock papers will overcome the hurdles faced by the students and will make them feel easy and relaxed during the examination.

Do not use any kind of unfair means for help in the middle of the mock test. Keep aside all your books and notes. Such a process of preparation will help to succeed in the examination too. The mock test also most importantly helps in time management. When they will practice writing the test according to the duration of their final examinations, it helps to improve the writing speed and manage the time for completing the paper on time.

Managing the time will also provide them confidence. It is also important to keep the answers script neat and every student tends to write fast at the last hour of the examination and end up making the pages dirty. Thus, practising mock tests will better off all such chilly problems. They will form the habit of writing fast and at the same time, their handwriting will improve. They will complete the paper on time without any problem.

Also, mock tests help in clearing doubts. When the students will practice the mock test, it will clear their doubts. They will come to know their liabilities and therefore can correct their mistakes. Students of higher classes should always go for mock papers. As they are going to appear for their board’s examination. This will be beneficial for them to score good marks. Students also get nervous during their examinations. So if they practice their mock papers they will feel confident during their examination. They will not worry about time management.

Students can also go for e-mock papers. These papers also give accurate results and are marked accordingly to the standard of answer. Thus, they can improve the quality of answers too. Such a mock test will bring more unique questions and different patterns of questions. They will also have to submit the papers on time. This will help them to answer different types of questions patterns in a proper time. In the board examination, as there won’t be direct questions, therefore, they have to know how to answer varieties of questions within a short period. They will also learn the strategies to answer such questions.

For the subject of mathematics, it is important to do a mock test at least twice a week. There are variations of sums in mathematics, hence practising mock tests will help them to learn how to solve different types of questions without any kind of examination fear. Parents should also take care of their children and make sure they do their mock tests. As students will feel bored to write papers for 3 hours sitting in their home. Therefore, parents should also look after this.

Schools should conduct mock tests so that students will have regular studies. It is a complete revision of their study. A mock test will help to bring a flashback of their whole preparation. After appearing in a mock test, the students will know the lessons or topics where they are weak.

Mock tests are helpful as they give immediate results and feedback. After knowing the results, students will come to know their weaknesses. Thus, they can give more time to that particular topic and clear their doubts.

For the subject of English, students can also practice comprehension as this part of the subject consumes a lot of time. Thus, practising the comprehension part will help them to answer the questions faster. Therefore, students should go for a mock test. Social science is a vast subject and needs very creative answers from the students. When students answer the mock test they will also build creativity and uniqueness. Thus, they will be able to answer the questions more properly and accurately in the examination. Class 6 students can easily find mock papers online by searching for CBSE Sample Papers for Class 6 Social Science Mock Paper 1, and other parts.

It is a proper revision. If students perform well in mock tests, they will most definitely be able to answer the questions on time in their main exam. Make time for practise mock tests and also try to solve previous year’s questions papers. These papers will help and bring a lot of commonality to your final examination question paper.

A mock test gives you thorough practice for your real exam. They prepare the students for their final test. These tests are more important for students of higher classes. They should always try to attempt multiple mock tests. This benefits them in the following ways as stated above: it helps in time management, gives confidence, clears doubts, brings improvement, etc, etc. Do not quit while appearing for a mock test at our home. Completely within the allotted time. Do not waste a single minute by discussing anything with your friends or family during the test. Concentrate on your mock test.

These will also increase the concentration level. Hence you will also be able to bring more focus and concentrate in your final examination too. Do not forget to clear your doubts. Go to your teacher or guide and make sure you clear it before appearing in the final examination. Thus mock tests are important and necessary. Practice hard and you will definitely score good marks and pass with flying colours.

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