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Amazing Tips to Help You Study Class 12 Chemistry

Many students from the science stream often face difficulties while preparing for their Class 12 board examination. It has been observed that mostly the difficulties lie with the subject of Chemistry. It is one of the essential subjects with respect to the board examinations. It involves a wide variety of concepts and questions, which requires a clear understanding and application to perform better in the board examinations.

Class 12th Chemistry includes topics such as organic chemistry, acids and bases, which are often neglected by the students due to the lack of interest or troubles that they face while understanding a particular concept. Check out o level chemistry tuition should you be interested to improve your learnings on chemistry.

It is often advised that the students must refer to the NCERT textbooks which are developed and produced by the National Council of Education, Research and Training in such a manner that it can be helpful for the students to get their concepts crystal-clear and also be of immense help to them for their preparation of boards examinations or any other competitive examinations.

The NCERT Books Class 12 Chemistry is a resource for the students who want to refer to online materials rather than hard copies of the books. Many teachers from schools across the nation, advise their students regarding the NCERT textbooks for Class 12 Chemistry and they themselves teach the students from these books. This has proved to be helpful for the students to be well-prepared for the board examinations and also the competitive examinations, which they intend to appear after their 12th standard.

So, it is necessary to go through the topics in the chapters very well and to make regular revisions. Also, students are advised to give more focus on the major topics, instead of memorizing each part of the syllabus for their CBSE Board Exams. In the beginning, they should smartly select the topics or the sections that are included with maximum weightage and then they can move to the low scoring topics within the allotted time.

Also, to make preparations efficient and effective, a student can follow some of the tips that would lead them to better performance. Some of these are;

1. Practice the sample papers and the previous year papers too

Every year, in the board examinations there are a few questions or topics which are asked, that were also asked in the previous years, either in the same format or with some minute alterations. When a student has got little time to prepare well for the board examinations, it is often a smart strategy to work on such topics and questions from the previous year papers. If you solve ten years worth of papers and are thorough with every answer, you will at least gain passing marks.

There is another resource available, which is the CBSE sample papers. With these sample papers, a student not only becomes familiar with the format of the question paper but they also get the idea about the type of topics that needs to be covered in the exam.

2. Refer to the latest pattern of examination and the marking scheme

It is important to have a strategy for the revision of the syllabus, which would be helpful during writing the answers in the examination. This is essential for scoring good marks in the board exams. But this can be possible only if the student follows the latest examination pattern.

Hence, it is necessary to be aware of the type, format, and weightage of questions that would be included in the CBSE Board Class 12 Chemistry examination. So, it is better to formulate a strategy while preparing in accordance with the pattern.

3. Focusing on the questions based on numerical, naming of reactions and the products obtained

The NCERT textbook for Class 12 chemistry has been divided into parts that consist of Physical as well as Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

From the part of Physical Chemistry, the chapters of Electrochemistry are of much importance as they are often included with numerical. Thus, practising the numerical and focusing more on it will be helpful in scoring better marks.

The Organic Chemistry part includes the chapters of Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids which are involved in the question paper for which the student has to write short notes. Also, practising the mechanisms of the reactions inboxes is helpful in scoring better marks, and also the conversions which are provided in the exercise part of NCERTbooks.

Whereas, the Inorganic part includes the chapters like p-block elements, on which more focus should be given. So, it is advised that the students must be acquainted with the particular chapter and also the products obtained from each reaction, the properties of hybrids, and also the anomalous behaviour of the second-period elements.

Practising and memorizing the IUPAC names of compounds

It is necessary to practice the IUPAC names of the compounds. Having a clear idea about the same is helpful during the examinations as it does not lead to confusion regarding the compounds provided in the paper.

5. Brief understanding of the concepts

When the concepts are clear to the students, it is possible for them to answer the High Order Thinking Skills or the HOTS questions. Thus, this would increase the chances of scoring above 60.

Scoring good marks in the subject is not a difficult chore if you practise the subject the right way. These are some practical steps which when followed by a student will help them to get their preparations done correctly and efficiently, and would also highlight better performance of them in the examination.

There are many resources available which a student can use to get their doubts cleared. NCERT books are of immense help to them, which provides them with the basics in a crystal-clear method, but if a student is willing to opt for some other techniques they can go through various online teaching platforms. They can contact the chemistry teacher of their respective schools or other coaching institutions for getting their doubts cleared.

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