Top 7 Benefits of Listening to Music: By Leading Medical Scientists

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Top 7 Benefits of Listening to Music: By Leading Medical Scientists

Everyone loves listening to music. However, we cannot get enough music because we usually listen to music radio streaming to support all our mood swings.

There are soundtracks for sad moments like heartbreak, and there are happy songs for when you fall in love. There are tragic tunes for when you lose loved ones, and there are motivating songs that inspire you to finish the last set of workouts at the gym.

According to scientific studies, even though music resonates with our emotions, there are ample benefits of listening to music. If you are true music fan, consider reading this new post

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

Top 7 Benefits of Listening to Music

You can download all kinds of music from Pirate Bay and make your exclusive playlist. However, before you do that, find out why listening to music is such a fantastic experience.

1. It Keeps You Happy

What do you do if you ever need an emotional boost to go on with your life?

You plug in the headphones and turn up the music volume so high that it beats the sh*t out of your eardrums.

Scientific evidence shows that music increases the dopamine level in our brain, which makes us feel happy even when times are rough.

2. It Decreases Stress

Cortisol hormone is responsible for stress, and when you listen to music, the cortisol level production reduces up to 60%. Know your cortisol levels with an at home lab testing kit.

A recent study also showed that a group of people listening to some musicians playing different percussion instruments noticed an immediate improvement in their stress level compared to those who were passively listening.

Hence, if you are having a tough day, make sure you listen to some good music and try this drink here.

3. It Makes You Sleep Better

You cannot expect to turn on Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark and fall asleep. There are different songs for different activities.

Scientific research shows that listening to relaxing music helps people sleep better. Almost 30% of Americans have insomnia, and when they listen to some soothing tunes, it helps them sleep faster than sleeping pills.

So, the next time you have trouble sleeping, turn on a good lullaby, and see if this claim is correct or not. But this option just really depends upon a person what his/her preference but if you really want a sleeping pills then you can check out sites like

4. It Strengthens Memory

This benefit is pretty obvious. When you listen to music, you try to remember the lyrics so that you can sing along with the tune.

It improves your learning abilities, cognition, and memory because you also remember the lyrics of many new tunes after listening to them twice or thrice.

In fact, you also remember the lyrics of some old songs, which proves that there is no rust on your old memories too.

5. It Enhances Verbal Intelligence

A recent study concluded that almost 90% of children aged between 4 and 6 showed immense improvement in their verbal intelligence after one month of music lessons.

Another study showed that a group of adult women with musical training had better IQ than those with no musical training.

It’s because listening to music has a transfer effect that increases our ability to understand words better than others.

6. It Makes You Eat Less

Sounds intriguing, right? Well, if you knew it before, you probably wouldn’t have had to spend so many rigorous days crash dieting.

It is scientifically proven that the presence of a downbeat tempo influences how someone gulps his food because his subconscious will try to coordinate the eating habit with the beat.

So, when the music is slow, it reduces your eating speed and your food consumption rate.

7. It Helps You Work Better

You will find at least more than half of the people working in an office have their headphones plugged in.

When you plug in your headphones during work, it helps you retain your focus, and you won’t get distracted anymore no matter how much your colleagues are chattering beside you.

As music eliminates the background noise, it makes you more productive and helps you stay motivated.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of other benefits of listening to music, but we have only talked about the most obvious ones here that we witness in our day-to-day lives.

If music has always been a good companion to you before, it’s time you appreciate the gift of sound even more because listening to music comes with a bucket of advantages.

Therefore, if you want more information on the benefits of listening to music, let us know in the comment box. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.

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