Immigration Laws to Remember when Moving to the UK

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Immigration Laws to Remember when Moving to the UK

The United Kingdom has withdrawn from the European Union. By doing so, many things in the United Kingdom have changed, with immigration policies being a major part of them. England comprises of 4 nations including Scotland, England. Wales and northern Ireland. The United Kingdom has a parliamentary democratic system. and is known worldwide for its incredible lifestyle. The immigration program in the UK allows different types of visas depending on the type of requirements.

What Changes Has Brexit Caused

Due to Brexit, the EU, EEA and Swiss citizens including non-visa nationals don’t need a visa to enter the borders UK within a time of six months. All immigrants needing to enter the UK for other purposes i.e., study/work/visit visa must have to apply for a visa to enter in the boundaries of the UK.

Spousal Visas

If you’re married and want to call your spouse over for a visit from another country, you can apply for a Spousal Visa to call them over. There are numerous types of visas available, it is important that you apply for the right type of visa to get a positive result. The documentation process for each type is different, which is why it is always best to consult an experienced immigration attorney to get your application processed without any difficulties. This is the Best London Immigration lawyer in my opinion.

EU Settlement

If a person has been in living in the UK before 30th December 2020 he/she can live there without any restrictions and can easily apply for their EU settlement. Moreover, You are not able to utilize your ID card to enter the UK anymore by having an EU, EEA or Swiss national ID. The settlement status is available online and you can apply online with an ePassport.

It is important that a person gets a job after becoming an EU national otherwise he/she can’t be able to get any benefits and job as well.

Requirements to Enter UK

Crossing the border of the United Kingdom is now much difficult now than before. Now a person having a Swiss ID card can enter the UK premises till 2025 only If they have a permit to work if they have a settled or pre-settled right to live in the UK. The criteria for this is that the person must have Swiss nationality and if a person has applied for the settlement before the 30th June of 2021. It’s beneficial to have property in the UK as well. You can purchase your first commercial UK property from B8 Real Estate.

Citizens Of EU Immigration Settlements

The citizens of Ireland can live in the UK, work in the UK and freely enter the UK. The citizens which are non-EU can come to the UK by showing their immigration status physically. Furthermore, a person can enter the UK if he/she is sponsored by a very good firm or business if they meet the minimum salary requirements. Once you are a citizen of the EU, you can get all the best benefits for it including free health benefits, food benefits, tax benefits and much more.


A citizen of the UK can also sponsor their friends or family members carefully by offering them a job. A person having skills and qualifications to meet that particular job can be sponsored only. A person can convert their worker visa to a skilled worker by filing an application The individuals that arrived in England as visitors, domestic workers, as a student or as parents of a child or more can’t convert their visa.

Visa Requirements for Students in the UK

Students can also work in the time span of their studies without having a work permit or sponsors. Students can convert their visas into skilled worker visas if they get a licensed sponsorship. There is no entry for unpaid interns in the UK and without licensed sponsorships, they can’t do internships in the UK legally.

It has become so difficult to enter the UK because of the tightened securities at the borders due to COVID as well. If you don’t follow the entire immigration process properly, you won’t be able to enter the borders of the UK. They’ll simply send you back by the very first flight after investigation.

Why You’d Benefit from Hiring an Experienced Immigration Lawyer

With the right green card attorney or family immigration lawyers in your corner, getting a visa or any immigration document can be easier. However, this is also dependent on several other factors. Make sure you represent the facts correctly to your lawyer Birmingham for them to plan a robust strategy for your case.

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