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Price Overview in Dubai Creek Harbour

Located at the historical Dubai Creek lies a beautiful work of class and luxury; Dubai Creek Harbour. Dubai Creek Harbour is a self-contained city in the United Arab Emirates. It is situated on the banks of the significant Dubai Creek. According to AX Capital, this work of great beauty is still in its developmental stage, offering properties and apartments to prospective buyers and tenants at affordable prices. The class and luxury that Dubai Creek Harbour gives are as unique as only it can be, giving you waterfront living with beautiful views and various amenities that anyone may need as a resident in this community.

Wonders of the Dubai Creek Harbour

The remarkable development of Dubai Creek Harbour is divided into nine areas, with each of these areas offering properties at affordable prices. The Island District is the most developed area of the Dubai Creek Harbour. It can accommodate about 200,000 residents, with thousands of square meters set aside for open spaces and parks. The city has just the right amount and sizes of roads and footpaths. The town also offers transportation services that allow residents and prospective residents to commute to the area and neighboring towns. This beautiful and luxurious city is home to various recreational centers such as swimming pools, world-class gymnasiums, and sports facilities.

Among all the areas of Dubai Creek Harbour, the island harbor is almost at completion featuring mouth-watering and luxurious residential buildings and apartments, which include many towers. Residential apartments in Dubai Creek Harbour are of different types and configurations. Some of these include 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments sighting the beach and horizon of the city. Just like the canary wharf apartments rent, these Dubai Creek Harbour apartments promise a luxurious and enticing living experience.

Cost of Buying a flat in the Dubai Creek Harbour

Every serious investor should seek to know the price range of property in the desired area; not doing so is like taking a swim in an ocean without first verifying the currents of the water or without first determining if one can handle it.

The cost of flats in Dubai Creek Harbour varies depending on the type of apartment and configuration.

  • One-bedroom apartment costs around AED 1.3 million;
  • 2.1 million for an AED two-bedroom apartment;
  • AED 3.5 million for a three-bedroom apartment;
  • The price of a four-bedroom apartment at around AED 6 million.

Presently, there is a wide range of choices available for prospective buyers with a wide range of prices to suit one’s needs and budget.

Trends for Renting Apartments in Dubai Harbour

Trends for renting an apartment in Dubai Creek Harbour also is affordable, with the cost of flats in Dubai Creek Harbour being around the range of AED 65,000 to AED 300,000, depending on the type and configuration of the apartment chosen.

Property Selection

The residents of Dubai Creek Harbour enjoy the class and luxury of living on the riverside and all the pleasantries involved. The area consists of residential apartments and villas, giving its occupants the life and class of living at the docks. It is definitely a prestigious feel to lie in any of the residential towers for professionals, couples, and even families with kids. The area has put in place amenities for the residents of this area to enjoy where they live. Some of these amenities include play areas and pools for kids, recreational areas, gardens, supermarkets, and retail centers. These provide fun and an ability to do your shopping within the area instead of going so far from your home or apartment. This also provides spaces for your kids to enjoy themselves while you relax and enjoy yourself.

Commercial Options

Dubai Creek Harbour does not just provide residential apartments but also makes room for commercial properties. In this classy area lies Dubai Creek Harbour Vida Hotel, placed beautifully between the North and South blocks of the Dubai Creek Residence. This hotel offers everything that may be needed, from accommodation and business and leisure facilities to casual and social dining spaces.


Considering the class, prestige, and luxury that come with residing in this space, the prices are really affordable. Most especially with the amenities and facilities on the ground to ensure that the residents and even visitors live a life of extraordinary class and luxury no doubt has its prices really affordable and recommendable for foreigners and locales.

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