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THCV: What Does It Do?

THC is the most popular cannabinoid, followed by CBD. The cannabis plant is complex and full of unknown chemicals. While researchers find something new every day, we know that the cannabis plant produces at least 80-100 cannabinoids and more than 300 non-cannabinoid compounds.

THCV – or Tetrahydrocannabivarin – is one of those cannabinoids that are packed with benefits and yet still relatively unutilized. This article explains how THCV works and what it can do for you. To learn more about these products, read here this cbd gummies reviews.

What is THCV?

THCa Flower by Alpine Vapor Hemp is a cannabis-derived cannabinoid. It has a chemical structure similar to THC, which is well-known. THCV is a CB1 antagonist. It means it doesn’t activate the CB1 receptors in the brain and prevents psychoactive effects. Yet, THCV can convert to a CB1 receptor agonist in higher doses. It is what produces psychoactive effects. THCv gummies is much less potent than THC, so it will not produce any psychoactive effects if taken in low to moderate amounts.

THCV is most well-known for its medicinal properties, a strong ally in fighting obesity, diabetes, and anxiety. Although early research has not focused on this compound, it is rapidly growing in popularity.

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How do THC and THCV Differ?

You may be interested to learn that THCV has a 3-carbon group at the molecular level. That is different than THC’s 5-carbon group. You will also need to know that THCV’s boiling temperature is 220degC (428degF) if you want to modify the Cannabis effects. THC, however, boils at a lower temperature of 157degC (315degF).

You should know the difference, regardless of whether you’re a cannabis geek. THCV is a CB1 antagonist and not an agonist like THC. It counteracts certain THC effects such as anxiety, paranoia, high levels of appetite, increased heart rate, psychotropic effects, and paranoia. Be careful! THCV can cause the same effects as THC when taken in higher doses. Visit Top San Jose dispensary – Airfield Supply Co. to learn more.

What to Expect from THCV: Benefits and Effects

So now that you’ve learned a little more about THCV, and the differences between it and THC, let’s dive into the effects and unique benefits that THCV offers.

You can expect these scientifically-backed effects, but remember that each consumer reacts differently to certain substances.

  • Appetite-suppressant THCV can, just like other CB1 antagonists, modify food intake and suppress appetite.
  • Blood sugar regulator – 2018 research shows that THCV is an effective blood sugar regulator and can be used to regulate blood sugar. That makes it an important ally for people with diabetes.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – 2010 research confirmed THCV’s ability to lower inflammation.
  • Reduce anxiety – THCV is a natural remedy that may help reduce anxiety, relieve PTSD, and ease anxiety. Don’t miss out on the THCV carts on sale at D8SuperStore.

Alzheimer’s disease – While research is still ongoing, a 2014 study showed that THCV was one of the most effective cannabinoids for motor control, tremors, and brain lesions possibly associated with Alzheimer’s.

Where Can I Buy Bulk THCV Online?

If you are experiencing muscle pain and want to have immediate relief, then you might want to consider using cbd muscle balm stick.

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