What is a Locum Tenens Agency and How Can It Help Your Healthcare Business?

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What is a Locum Tenens Agency and How Can It Help Your Healthcare Business?

Very few people today remember the days when doctors made house calls. Actually, in early times, doctors would travel from town to town to provide services to residents. They didn’t have offices where people traveled to them. Today, some doctors operate similarly, although they travel from practice to practice and don’t make house calls.

These professionals, known as locum tenens, fill temporary gaps in healthcare organizations. They take on a job to replace a physician leaving a practice until this doctor’s replacement can be found. Often, they fill in for those who are on sabbatical or maternity/paternity leave. Furthermore, other medical professionals might serve as locum tenens, including nurses and physician assistants. Healthcare organizations find these professionals with the help of a locum tenens agency.

Why Would a Person Work as a Locum Tenens?

Many in the medical field choose to serve as locum tenens today. They don’t want to be tied to one practice or they might wish to travel on someone else’s dime. Some people work as locum tenens as a way to try various practices until they find one that is a good fit.

Why Might Healthcare Organizations Turn to Locum Tenens?

Healthcare organizations benefit greatly when they work with locum tenens. These professionals allow organizations to continue providing quality care even during periods of staffing shortages. Illness, worker turnover, and more can lead to an organization not being able to keep up with patient volume. Locum tenens help these organizations get back on track.

However, locum tenens might find work in other areas. They may be called on to help a legal team build a case in a medical civil suit. Insurance companies might hire medical professionals for reviews, or a school system might reach out to a locum tenens agency when they have an outbreak in the system that is affecting multiple schools. They need additional hands on deck to deal with the outbreak and reduce its spread.

The Benefits of Working With Locum Tenens

Employing locum tenens helps healthcare organizations keep onboarding costs to a minimum. They can spend time searching for the right person for each open position, knowing patient care won’t be lacking as this process is carried out. The organization might even find the locum tenens is the perfect fit and they can discontinue the search.

The use of locum tenens also helps to reduce staff burnout. When an organization is constantly understaffed, existing employees must work longer hours. This excessive work schedule can leave people burned out and ready to look for new professions. It also puts them more at risk of medical errors and other costly mistakes. Bringing in temporary help can ease the burden and lead to a happier workplace for all.

Healthcare organizations often find the cost of bringing in locum tenens is offset by the revenue they generate. Patient satisfaction also improves when these professionals are brought in, as they wait less time to receive care. With this in mind, a healthcare organization needs to ask if it can afford not to bring in this temporary help.

Locum tenens can help save a healthcare organization. When the organization is perpetually understaffed, patients will look elsewhere for the care they need. The facility may not remain open if enough patients leave. No organization is immune from staffing shortages. Those who know where to find temporary workers will survive through the staffing shortages. Locum tenens are the answer countless organizations have been looking for.

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