2 Firefox Add-ons to Prevent Websites from Tracking Your Online Behavior

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2 Firefox Add-ons to Prevent Websites from Tracking Your Online Behavior

There is an unwritten big deal in the internet jungle that you may don’t realize. Sites (such as Facebook, Google and Twitter) give you free services. As the reciprocal, they will track your online behavior and, in many cases, also collect your private data.

That’s actually fair enough. But still, there are many people who don’t like this deal. They keep wanting to surf the web safely without any spy and stick on their idea that private data (and online behavior) should not be shared.

If you are that kind of person and use Firefox, there are two effective add-ons that will help you preventing sites from tracking your online behavior.


Disconnect is one of the best tools if you want to stop any sites from tracking you. It works by restricting advertising and analytics services that can track you online. This is basically not an ad blocker but you may will see no ads on the website you’re visiting. It’s because Disconnect blocks the tracking elements of online ads. You can install Disconnect by visiting this site.

As you can see on its official site, this add-on offers two basic service, Private Browsing and Private Search. In order to get the most out from it, you can also pay the paid service.

Disconnect requires nothing to work. Once you done installing the add-on, it will be working immediately after your Firefox is restated. You should see a small “D” icon on the top-right of Firefox with the unfixed number below it. The number shows the total of elements blocked by Disconnect.

You can click in the icon to see more detail about the elements blocked by Disconnect. Such as Advertising, Analytics and Content. You can individually enable or disable certain trackers and whitelist sites that you want to let through.


Ghostery works like how Disconnect does. It helps you to prevent site you are visiting from tracking your online activity. Unlike Disconnect that requires no additional set up to work, Ghostery will ask you to do little set up in advance to make it work. You’ll be given a list of all the trackers that Ghostery can block.

Once you checked the list of the trackers, Ghostery will be start working without asking you to restart your Firefox. You will also see a small icon on the top right corner of your Firefox once the Ghostery is installed. When you click the icon, you will get more details about elements blocked by Ghostery.




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