How to Change Default Download Folder in Firefox

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How to Change Default Download Folder in Firefox

If you have been long enough with Firefox you must be know where the browser will save your files once you downloaded something from the internet. By default, Firefox will save your downloaded files in the main Downloads folder of your account. In Linux, for instance, the downloaded files are saved in Downloads folder which is located under your home directory.

If it’s needed, you can change the default download folder in Firefox to ease your work finding your downloaded file. You don’t need to go to the config page at all to do that. Just follow the steps below

  • Go to the Firefox’s menu bar and choose Edit –> Preferences


  • There you are. On the General page, you will get what you want. Head to Downloads section and set your desired folder by clicking the Browse button. You can both choose the existing folder or create the new one. You can also choose the “Always ask me where to save files” option to let Firefox ask you where to save your files every time you want to download something

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