In the digital era like today, everything is about sync and sync. The concept of sync allows you to have the same data across-devices. When it comes to web browser, you the concept of sync allows you to have the same bookmarks, add-ons and history. This concept also applies on Firefox, but you need an account. How to create a Firefox account?

Creating a Firefox is extremely easy and strongly recommended. When you use Firefox with an account and logged in with it, you will have the same data when you use Firefox on another device. The data that will be synced include the add-ons you have installed, bookmarks an history. This will be so much useful if you frequently switch from one device to another when work.

Here is how to create a Firefox account.

Creating a Firefox account

  • Click the Edit menu and select Preferences.

  • On the Preferences page, click the Firefox Account menu and click the “Don’t have an account? Get started” link.

  • Enter all of the required fields and click the Create account button.

  • Choose what do you want to sync and click the Save settings button.

  • Lastly, check your email to confirm your email address.

To complete the set-up, you will be asked to login to Firefox on another device. You should install Firefox and sync at least two devices to protect against losing your data if you need to restore it but forget your password.


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