Two Simple Steps to Disable JavaScript on Firefox

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Two Simple Steps to Disable JavaScript on Firefox

For some reasons, you way want to disable JavaScript from running on your web browser. If you are Google Chrome user, you can do it easily from the Settings menu to disable JavaScript. Instead, if you are a Firefox user, you need to go further to do the same thing.

Firefox has removed its disable JavaScript option which mean you can’t disable JavaScript from running in your Firefox by default.

Thankfully, there is an add-on to get the option back. It’s called SettingSanity.

JavaScript is actually one of the most important programming languages these days, along with HTML and CSS. Like CSS and HTML, JavaScript is client side programming language, which mean it’s requires no separated interpreter server like PHP.

Whatever your purpose, if you need to disable JavaScript on your Firefox, just follow these two very simple steps

  • Visit the SettingSanity page to get the add-on. Click on the Add to Firefox button to install it. Or you can also get the add-on by going to the Tools menu of the Firefox and choose Add-ons


  • Once the add-on is installed, go to the Preferences menu of Firefox and choose Contents. Unmark the Enable JavaScript option to disable JavaScript.

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