5 Firefox Tab Managers for Better Tab Management

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5 Firefox Tab Managers for Better Tab Management

Firefox is obviously a great web browser. However, we have to admit that Firefox has a lack of tab management feature.

By the way, what is tab management and why do we need this kind of feature?

When working with web browser in your daily basis, I am pretty sure that you always open multiple tabs at once. It’s very normal since all people also do the same. Tab management is a feature that enables you to manage all of the tabs you are opening. The way each tab management works is vary depends on the purpose of the tab management itself. For instance, there is a tab management that allows you to put together all of the related tabs. There is also a tab management that will help you to prevent tab overflow and lots more.

Although Firefox comes with a lack of tab management feature, it doesn’t mean that this browser has no tab management feature at all. In order to enhance the functionality of tab management in Firefox there are several add-ons which you can use. Below are some items you can try.

1. Tab Groups

Tab Groups is the first Firefox tab management that you can try. The main idea of this tab management is to help you managing all of the open tabs. You can use this add-on to group all of the related tabs. For instance, you can create a “Social” group and put together all of the social media tabs on this group. Or, if you are a designer, you can create a “Design” group and put together all of the design-related tabs on this group.

After installing this add-on on Firefox, you will see a group selector at the top-right corner of your Firefox (on the tab bar). In addition to create a new group, you can also edit the existing ones. You can also customize keyboard shortcuts in the add-on’s preferences, to quickly enter and leave groups view, open the quick access panel, or switch to other groups using your keyboard instead of mouse.

2. OneTab

OneTab is a Firefox tab manager which you can use to save your memory. After installing this add-on, you will a new icon at the Firefox icon bar. Clicking on the icon will deactivate all of the open tabs. You might argue that why don’t just close the window to deactivate all of the tabs?

Sure, you can do it if you want. But, what if you want to restore all of the closed tabs?. Normally, you can bookmark all of the open tabs or browse through the history to restore the frequently visited pages. However, opening all of those tabs one by one can waste your time. With OneTab, you can restore all of the deactivated tabs with a single click.

3. Tile Tabs

Let’s say you are watching a tutorial of a certain programming language, and you think that it would be nice if you could split your tab into two or three parts. One for watching the video and another for practicing what you are watching. Tile Tabs is a Firefox add-on that you can use to meet that kind of task. However, the use of this add-on will be more ideal if you have a larger screen size.

To turn the current tab into tiled layout, you can click on the Tile Tabs icon on the Firefox icon bar. Alternatively, you can hover your mouse over the tab you are going to split and right-click on it. There will be several tile layout options you can choose.

4. Tab Scope

Just to inform. In Vivaldi, you can see the preview of the inactive tabs by only hovering your mouse over the tabs you want to visit, without having to activate the tabs. The preview will be displayed into a popup. You can also do the same in Firefox, but with the help from Tab Scope since Firefox has no built-in feature to handle this kind of task. Each preview has several buttons to enlarge the popup, reload the page, move the page to the left-most of the tab bar and jump to the previous page.

5. Tree Style Tab

As you have known, Firefox (and most browsers) put all of the open tabs at the top bar. If you feel more comfortable of seeing tabs at the other side of your browser, at the right side for instance, Tree Style Tab will do it for you. This add-on allows you to move the default location of tab — which usually on the top bar — to nearly all sides from left, right, bottom and top itself. Additionally, you can also change the default theme as well as set its visibility.

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