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5 Useful Gmail Extensions for Firefox

Gmail, as you know, is the most popular free email service. On the other hand, Firefox is still listed as one of the most-used browsers though its popularity isn’t as popular as it used to be. If you are an user of Gmail and Firefox, you can combine them to make everything easier.

The major reason why Gmail becomes so popular, other than its simple interface, is because it is feature-rich enough. However, there are some features and functionalities that are supposed to be available on Gmail but hasn’t available until today. Thankfully, there are some third parties who care enough to fix the lacks.

Recently, I explored and tried some of the Gmail extensions for Firefox to figure out if there was ones that suit my need. Below are some extensions I found useful enough.

1. Mailtrack

Simple but useful. Mailtrack allows you keep an eye over the message you have sent. When you hit the Send button to send a certain message in Gmail, you will see a pop up notification telling that your message has been sent. However, you never know what will really going next. Did your recipient have read your message?

While Gmail doesn’t tell you if your recipient has read your message, Mailtrack comes to fix the hole. The way this extension works is extremely simple. It will provide you two checklist signs. One green checklist sign indicates your message has been sent to your recipient while a second green checklist sign indicates your message has been read by your recipient. Quite simple, similar to WhatsApp.

2. Checker Plus for Gmail

Your job isn’t just checking email. Isn’t it? But, what if you want to keep an eye of every new message but don’t want to keep a Gmail tab open?. Checker Plus for Gmail is probably the answer you are looking for. This Gmail extension will keep you get notified for every new message without having to open Gmail page. You will be notified via a desktop notification. That’s all?

Certainly not. You can also perform basic tasks over the message like reading it, reply, delete, mark as spam and so on.

3. ActiveInbox

ActiveInbox is a paid service but you are given a 14-day trial. During the trial period, you can check out how useful this extension is and why you need to pay to use it. Generally, ActiveInbox is a versatile tool that was designed to help you manage Gmail-related tasks such as scheduling messages, adding tasks, setting the due dates of messages and lots more. After installing this extension on Firefox you will see brand new look on your Gmail dashboard. There will be some new buttons you can see.

4. Wisestamp

Gmail has a built-in feature to enable you adding signature to your message. However, it requires an advanced skill to create a professional-look email signature using the default signature feature of Gmail. Wisestamp comes as a problem solver by providing a service to let you creating a very professional-look email signature where you can add your social media profiles, photo, business site, job tittle and lots more. All of those attributes are displayed in a very nice look.

To makes it easy for you adding email signature, Wisestamp provides Gmail extension which you install on popular web browsers, including Firefox. You can add email signature from Wisestamp with a single click. To make your email signature looks more professional, you need to upgrade your free Wisestamp account. Unless you have no problem with the Wisestamp branding attribute.

5. Simple Gmail Notes

When you have too many messages in your Gmail inbox, whether from the same sender or different senders, sometimes it’s hard to remember what are the messages about. Certainly you can read each message subject to get it, but there is a better way that you can try, by installing Simple Gmail Notes.

Just like the name suggests, this Gmail extension lets you adding a short note to each message. You can set the custom color for every note you add. Additionally, you can also turn the notes into a quick Calendar event. All the notes will be stored on your Google Drive.

Final words

Did I missed something? If you have your own favorite Gmail extensions for Firefox, let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Interesting list, but I have another nagging question: is there a Firefox equivalent of Dittach extension for gmail ?


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