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How to Automatically Go to Private Browsing in Firefox

Today, nearly all modern web browsers come with a private mode feature. This feature is handy to prevent websites like Facebook and Google from collecting your personal data as well as spying your activity on the internet. In Firefox, you can activate the private browsing mode by going to File -> New Private Window.

If you want, you can also set Firefox to automatically go to private browsing mode. By doing this, Firefox won’t save your browsing history and cookies. There are two advantages you are going to get. First, your Firefox will always fresh like just get installed so it can run faster. Second, there will be no personalized ads so you can freely visiting webpages without being bothered by ads that might caught your attention. It’s because sites like Facebook and Google learn your browsing activities to deliver personalized ads according to your interest — which can be learnt based on your online activities.

To set Firefox to automatically go to private browsing mode when you search something on the address bar, you need to go the Firefox config page, which you can access by typing “about:config” on the address bar. Every time you want access this page, Firefox will alert you about the risk. As long as you have understood what you are going to do, nothing to worry about. Simply click the I accept the risk! button to start accessing the config page.

On the Firefox config page, search for “browser.privatebrowsing.autostart” and change the Value to “true” by double clicking it.

Restart your Firefox. By now, Firefox won’t save all web pages you visited, search history, cookies and temporary file. However, you will still be able to bookmark web pages. The private browsing feature of Firefox also comes with tracking protection tool that blocks website trackers that can collect information about your browsing behavior.

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