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How to Manage Bookmarks in Firefox

All modern web browsers has a feature to enables you bookmark interesting web pages you potentially find during browsing. Firefox is no exception. However, not all internet users are care enough to manage the bookmarks they have. If your bookmarks are still in a small number, this not a problem. You will realize how important to manage your bookmarks is once you have plenty of bookmarks.

Same as other web browsers, Firefox also has a bookmark manager you can use to manage all of your bookmarks. Compared to other bookmark manager of other web browsers, Firefox’s bookmark manager has a richer features. You can create folders to put together all of the related web pages. In order to ease you in finding the web pages you have bookmarked you can also add some tags. For instance, you can create a “photography” folder to put together all of the photography-related pages. Furthermore, you can also add “still life” tag for tagging more specific photography topic. Your creativity will be used here.

Firefox’s bookmark manager also makes it easy for you to find your bookmarked pages since you can sort your bookmarks by date, tags, name and description. There is also search feature to save you time and make everything easier. So, instead of just pressing the Ctlr+D button as well as the enter button, it would be much better to spend some seconds to select a folder and adding tags before click the Done button. Here is how to manage bookmark in Firefox.

  • Go to the bookmark manager by clicking the Bookmarks menu and select Show All Bookmarks. Or simply press the Ctrl+Shif+O button.

  • Click the Organize menu and select New Folder to create a new folder.

  • Give your folder a name and description and click the Add button.

  • Now please visit a web page you want to bookmark and press the bookmark button on the icon bar of Firefox. Or simply press the Ctrl+D button.

  • Before pressing the Done button, select a folder where you want to save the page and add some tags for easier search.

  • To access your bookmarks, just return to the bookmark manager and select one of the folders you have.

  • If you want to delete an existing bookmark, you can right-click on a bookmark you want to delete and select the Delete option. You can also select multiple bookmarks at once by holding the Ctrl button while select your preferred bookmarks.

  • Firefox’s bookmark manager also allows you importing bookmarks from other web browsers or bookmark manager services, and vice versa. You can do these from the Import and Backup menu.

Final words

Organizing bookmarks is crucial enough particularly if your job requires you to jump from one page to anothers on the web. However, organizing your bookmarks offline (like in this example) means that you have to work with the same browser and machine. In order to make you be more flexible you can take advantage of online bookmark manager services. Firefox itself is currently teaming up with Pocket, one of the most favorite online bookmark managers, to allow you save interesting web pages online and access them from anywhere.

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