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How to Manage Passwords in Firefox

With so many online tools and services that require you to login before being able to use, you need a reliable password manager to help you manage your passwords. Today, most modern web browsers already feature a built-in password manager to allow you manage your passwords. Including Firefox.

When you are trying to log in to a certain website and have typed your user name and password, Firefox will ask you whether you want to save the password. If you choose “Save”, Firefox will save your password as well as the username for the associated site. Firefox will then automatically fills them in for you the next time you visit the same website.

The built-in password manager feature of Firefox is pretty helpful if you use some online tools and services on your daily basis. Thanks to this feature, you can have different passwords for all online tools and services you use.

How to save password in Firefox

As mentioned above, when you are trying to login to a certain site, say Twitter, Firefox will ask you whether you want to save the password. Simply click the “Save” option if you want Firefox to save your password.

Firefox will then save password for you. Next time if you want to login to the same website, Firefox will automatically fill in the username and password fields for you.

How to view saved passwords in Firefox

All of the passwords and usernames saved in Firefox are accessible. If you want, you can also perform certain action toward each password and username. Like delete or even edit. To view the saved passwords in Firefox, click the three-line icon on the top-right corner and click Options.

On the Options page, select Privacy & Security on the left panel and click Saved Logins on the Forms & Passwords section.

A pop-up will appear, displaying all of the usernames and passwords you saved on Firefox. You can view, remove, edit or copy each login credentials (username and password) of each site. To view the saved passwords, simply click the Show Passwords button within the pop-up.

Or, if you want to remove a certain login credentials, select a site you want to remove your login credentials of and click the Remove button on the left-bottom within the pop-up.

Right-clicking a certain site within the pop-up will give more options. You can edit the username as well as the password of the associated site.


Password is a very sensitive information so letting third party to save and manage it is actually no not too suggested. If you have to do so, you need to really be careful when deciding to use a password manager tool. Use only a password manager tool you have a strong trust with. To manage passwords and usernames of online tools and services you use on your daily basis, the built-in password manager feature of Firefox I thing is more than enough.

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  1. When I log in to Firefox monitor do I use the same password as the firefox master password. I can’t log into my firefox monitor if I select password reset does that change my master password, or just the password for firefox monitor?