How To Enhance Your Productivity in Firefox Using Momentum

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How To Enhance Your Productivity in Firefox Using Momentum

This November could be the biggest moment for Firefox users around the globe. First, Mozilla has officially released the newest version of Firefox codenamed Quantum. Firefox Quantum is the best version of Firefox I’ve been using. Firefox has been updated a couple times since its debut in 2002. However, what Mozilla did with Firefox Quantum is really brilliant. The change is almost 90%, better. From the look to performance. Many parties love this new face of Firefox.

Second, Firefox users are now able to use Momentum, a productivity extension which previously only available for Google Chrome. There have been no official announcement by Momentum staff, but the extension is already available on the add-ons store for Firefox.

Momentum is a really cool productivity tool. This extension will bring a randomized background every time you open a new tab on Firefox. The background will be changed daily, bringing a new feeling to you everyday. Not just background, Momentum will also deliver new randomized quotes every day to get you inspired. So as not to be curious, below is the glance look of Momentum.

What you see above is Momentum on Firefox Quantum running on Ubuntu 16.04. As you can see, there are several items on the page of Momentum from clock, weather (top-right corner), to-do list and so on. Momentum is fully customized. You can set which items you want Momentum to display. You can even use your own photos an quotes if you wish it. It’s just, you need to upgrade your account before being able to do this (Momentum is a freemium extension). To customize the look of Momentum, you can go to the settings menu by clicking the gear icon at the bottom-left of your screen. In this article we will be focusing covering on how to take advantage of Momentum to enhance your productivity.

You can install Momentum on Firefox by visiting this page. Just click the Add to Firefox button to install it.

Using Momentum to remind you of what’s become your focus today

Productive people know what they are going to do today. Creating to-do list is the common method adopted by most productive people to help them keep on track. In order to get everything get done the way it should be, you also need to create a priority scale. You can then write down today’s most priority task on the focus field on Momentum.

Adding today’s focus on Momentum you will always get reminded since every time you open a new tab, you will see a sentence in the big fonts, stating the main focus of today.

Using Momentum to create to-do list

There are dozens of to-do list apps available today. From default app on your smartphone to ones that are developed by third parties like Wunderlist, Todoist and TickTick. Creating to-do list is a simple but useful method to help your job become more organized. It is a simple method everyone can do to enhance productivity.

Momentum’s idea to bring to-do list to browser new tab is great. You no longer need to visit a website of to-do list app you are used to using. Neither you don’t also need to switch to smartphone only to check the next task to do. To create today’s to-do list simply click the Todo link at the bottom-right corner and write down all of the tasks you want to get done today.

You can actually create multiple to-do lists on Momentum, but this feature only available for Momentum Plus.

Using Momentum to save links

When browsing the web you sometimes find an interesting articles that have relation to your job and you start thinking of saving them to use on the next task. Not far different to to-do list, there are also plenty of apps you can use to save and organize links, like Pocket and Instapaper. Momentum also features this sort of tool. You can take advantage of this feature to save links that matter to your. To get started saving links, simply click the Links menu at the top-left corner and add the links you want to save.

Final words

The three points above are just example of how to take advantage of Momentum to help enhance your productivity. You may have your own way to maximize this useful extension. The get the most out Momentum you may want to upgrade to Momentum Plus. In addition to allowing you add your own photos and quotes as well as accessing more advanced settings, Momentum Plus also supports integrations with popular productivity tools like Asana, Trello, Wundestlist and Todoist.

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