How to Reset Firefox to Default Without Removing Bookmarks

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How to Reset Firefox to Default Without Removing Bookmarks

Firefox is an open source web browser and it’s very customizable. You can change any setting on Firefox to meet your need and taste. You can also even install add-ons to enhance the Firefox functionalities. But, there is always consequence of any act. If you install too many add-ons and don’t change the settings properly, it can be the cause that make your Firefox getting slow. Fortunately, you can reset Firefox and restore all of the default settings.

Firefox has a feature called Refresh Firefox. Using this feature to reset Firefox will turn Firefox to “virgin” again. All of the settings you have made (including the changes you made on about:config) will be reset. This will also remove all of the add-ons you have installed, history and other cached data. However, there are some things retained by Firefox. Bookmarks and saved passwords are the things that won’t be removed by Firefox.

This article will demonstrate how to use Refresh Firefox feature to restore the default settings of Firefox. I am using the current version of Firefox, Quantum (version 57) in this article.

  • Click the three-line icon of Firefox and select Help.

  • In the Help menu, select Troubleshooting Information option.

  • Click the Refresh Firefox button within the Troubleshooting Information page.

  • On the appearing pop-up, click the Refresh Firefox button. Before clicking this button ensure you have read all of the warnings that it will remove your add-ons and customizations.

Once you pressed the button Firefox will be restarting itself and return with the refreshing process. Once the process is done you will get your virgin Firefox.

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