Firefox Send is a new file transfer service from Mozilla. You can use it to send files online. The emphasis of this service is actually a secure file transfer as it uses end-to-end encryption and several other security features. However, since it supports large file transfer (up to 2.5GB), you can also use it to send large files like video, RAW file of photographs and so on.

You can use Firefox Send to send files with the total size that exceed the maximum size allowed by the email service you use. Most email services only allow you to send files with the maximum size of less than 30MB.

In addition to end-to-end encryption like mentioned above, Firefox Send also offers options to make the file you sent to be deleted immediately once you recipient downloaded it. When sending files, you can set when your file link expires as well as set the number of download. If you want, you can also protect your file with password.

How to use Firefox Send

To start using Firefox Send, visit the website of Firefox Send and click the Select files to upload button to select the files you want to send. If you select more than one files, they will be archived into a single ZIP file.

Set the expiration date of your link as well as the number of download. If you want to protect your file with a password, tick the Protect with password option and type your password. Click the Upload button.

Wait until Firefox Send is done uploading your file and copy the link. You can then send the link you have copied whether via email or other communication tools like WhatsApp, Direct Message of Twitter, Facebook Chat and so on.

Final thoughts

Firefox Send is a new service from Mozilla. You can use it to transfer files via internet more securely thanks to its end-to-end encryption. This tool also offers security control that allows you to limit the number of download and set the expiration date of the file link. Unfortunately, there is no option to directly send the file via email like WeTransfer or Filemail.

You can use Firefox Send to send large file. If you a have Firefox account, you can login to Firefox Send to send up to 2.5GB of file. If you use this service without login, you can only send files with the maximum size of 1GB.


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