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Firefox has the capability of updating itself automatically and this feature is enabled by default. You can disable this feature to stop Firefox from automatically updating itself if you want.

Commonly, the newest update of an app comes with new features and bug fixes, including maybe issues related to security. That is why all app developers recommend to always use the latest update of their app. However, it can be sucks if the update is done automatically especially for apps that you use on daily basis.

Imagine if you use Firefox as your main browser and have to check an emergency email. At the same time, Firefox need to perform an update when you want to launch it. Luckily, Firefox allows you to disable the auto update feature.

To disable the auto update feature of Firefox, open the Firefox main menu by clicking the three-line icon and select Options.

On the General settings, scroll down your mouse to the Firefox Updates section and change the setting to the Check for updates but let you choose to install them option.

This option doesn’t stop Firefox from checking for the updates, but it won’t install the updates without your consent. Instead, you can install the updates later once you done working with Firefox.


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