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How to Stop Receiving Push Notifications from a Website on Firefox

If you are a webmaster or someone who is responsible of taking care a website, installing push notification might is a great idea as it can encourage your old visitors to get back to your website. However, it’s not the case if you are a user. For a user perspective, push notification can be annoying especially if you accidentally pressed a subscription request button.

Just like email newsletter, you can also stop becoming a push notification subscriber. To do so, you can block or remove a website that sends you push notifications. On Firefox, the setting to block a website from sending a push notifications lies under the Options menu. Click the three-line icon on the upper right-corner and select Options.

The setting you are looking for lies under the Privacy & Security tab. Select this tab (on the left sidebar) and scroll down to the Permissions section and click the Settings button on the Notifications option.

You should see the websites you have subscribed the push notification to. Select a website you want to stop receiving the notifications from by clicking it. You will have two options here: block the notifications or remove the website from the list instead.

Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button to apply the new change. You should stop receiving the push notifications from the website you have blocked/removed from now on.

If you have a website and want to install push notification on your website (despite you hate it), you can consider tools like SendPulse or OneSignal. Push notification plugins like Fire Push and Smart Notifications are also around if you are a WordPress user.


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