A Newbie’s Guide to Playing Block Puzzle Online

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A Newbie’s Guide to Playing Block Puzzle Online

Do you remember playing Tetris? The game was invented before the smartphone era and was a huge hit among children and adults alike. Players had to move differently shaped pieces to complete a line, and the completed lines would disappear to allow players to move forward in the game. This invention and patent services here are well-equipped to offer support and guidance to new inventors.

If you miss playing Tetris, there’s good news for you. Even though the game is revamped to suit the needs of today’s smartphone generation, the basic rules remain similar. Still didn’t get it? Block Puzzle online is a new and improved version of Tetris that comes with myriad twists and challenges.

The casual game is played on a 9X9 grid, and players need to arrange the different shaped blocks to clear as many cells as possible. Typically, block puzzle games can go on for several hours if you have the skills and continue to unlock levels. But who has the time today to play games for hours? That’s why the smartphone version of the game is fast-paced and comes with a 2-minute time limit. Also, you won’t find the blocks falling one after the other. You’ll get three shapes at a time, and you need to arrange those on the board to get three more shapes. You have to be fast, or your timer will run out, and you lose the game.

Yes, the simple game has undergone a sophisticated makeover to make it more appealing to the tech-savvy gamers of today. If you are a beginner and wish to play block puzzle online, here are a few things you must know to get started.

The game’s rules

The basic rules are similar to Tetris but with a twist. For instance, players are given three shapes at a time instead of continuous falling blocks.

You need to organize the shapes available to you on the board to fill vertical or horizontal spaces. You’ll get a new set of pieces once you’ve placed all three pieces on the board. Ensure not to run out of time and try to complete a line, or you’ll run out of space to make complete lines.

The game’s objective

The game’s primary goal is to clear as many lines or cells as you can before you run out of 2-minutes or when the board is filled.

Players will continue to receive different shapes in sets of three until the timer ends or when there are no available empty cells to place the shapes. In both cases, the game ends.

Tips & tricks to play block puzzle online

Beginner’s luck won’t take you far when playing block puzzle online. You need to strategize and focus on clearing as many cells as possible to get the highest score. So, here are some tips that should help.

  • Clear horizontal and vertical lines

The game’s objective is not to fit blocks but to form horizontal or vertical lines so you can clear the board. Therefore, you need to focus on clearing those lines to earn points.

Start placing blocks from the corners

If you want a high score, ensure your game doesn’t end quickly. The key is staying longer in the game, and for that, one of the strategies is to keep going until the timer reaches zero. Start placing blocks from the corner, and you’ll get horizontal and vertical options.

Furthermore, you can strategically fit blocks so that there are no blank cells in between. It can get challenging to fill those empty cells later on, and that might be the reason why your game ends.

  • Leave space for the square piece

Players often find themselves flustered when the 3X3 square piece appears out of nowhere. If you’re not ready, it can prove to be a game-killer. While playing the game, remember to leave space for the square pieces so your game doesn’t end.

It is essential to create space in the game and not fill them unnecessarily. You can get the much-needed points by clearing cells to place more blocks.

  • Clear multiple columns and rows

While this isn’t always possible, it is good to focus on clearing multiple rows and columns. It will help augment your points, and you might even get bonus points for clearing numerous columns and rows at once.

So, when you are trying to clear horizontal and vertical lines, pay attention to the placement of the blocks so you can clear multiple lines instead of a single line. It will fetch you more points, and you can beat your opponent.

  • Don’t place blocks without thinking

Dumping blocks anywhere on the board is not a wise strategy, and it’ll quickly fill all the empty spaces. Then, your game will end, and your opponent will win. Strategic placement of the blocks is crucial to get a high score in the game. Before placing any block, think carefully and ensure you have blank cells to play your next move.

Ideally, players get nervous when the timer is close to running out and start dumping blocks on the board. But, keep your nerves calm and always place blocks in cells that will help you complete a line on that move or the next.

Wrapping up

Block puzzle is a nostalgic game that may appear simple, but it has layers of complexity. You cannot master the game overnight, but follow the tips mentioned above to improve your chances of getting a high score. You can also play practice games before participating in cash contests.

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