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Best Tips & Tricks to Win at Minesweeper

Minesweeper is one of the oldest puzzle games released in the early ’80s, where the player attempts to clear the level by clicking on the tiles without triggering the mine. Once the mine blows, it’s automatically game over, and you need to start again.

Due to its complexity, many players find it difficult and think winning is impossible. However, the right strategy is all you need to turn the tides in your favor.

Fortunately, we have some tips and tricks you can apply as you play this classic puzzle and logic game. Players used to believe that Minesweeper is all about luck, but it has secrets that need unveiling, which you’ll learn here.

Powerful Tips & Tricks for Winning at Minesweeper

Suppose you have been playing Minesweeper online and want to experience a single win. In that case, this guide will become a valuable source of information that will help you strategize your winning moves.

Avoid the Edges of the Board

As you begin to play the game, avoid clicking the tiles on the edges. It’s best to start with the middle tiles because you will have more chances of clearing them. Click anywhere on the board as long as it’s in the middle since your first tile will never have a mine underneath. It’s how Minesweeper works.

Understand the Principles Behind the Game

Every Minesweeper game starts with an empty grid. To start, you must click on the tiles where some will disappear while others will have numbers on them. The numbers mean the number of mines that are touching that specific tile. All you need to do is to figure out which tile doesn’t contain the mine.

Play Slowly & Carefully

If you’re a beginner, it pays to play slowly and carefully. Now that you know the meaning behind the numbers, you must use your luck and choose the right tile. Don’t go too fast while playing Minesweeper online, especially if you don’t understand the pattern.

Doing so will result in a quick loss. In this game, patience is a virtue you must practice. Experts try to play against time. If you’re new, you should take all the time you need since you’re still training yourself.

Take Note of the Patterns

Like any game, Minesweeper has a pattern you’ll need to familiarize yourself with. The more you play, the more you’ll start seeing the patterns. For instance, you will know the placement of the mines by understanding the number patterns.

It’s best to interpret these patterns, even though it may take a long time to notice. Certain combinations will appear once you play for a long time.

Think Before Employing the Flags

If you like using the flags in the game, think first before placing them. Flags are used to open tiles near a numbered tile. However, it depends if you have indicated the mines surrounding the numbered tile, so don’t just put it anywhere. Choose tiles where you’re 99% sure there’s a mine underneath.

Use the Elimination Method

The elimination method refers to decoding every tile correctly. Once you have exhausted all options, repeat until you clear all tiles and win. Remember, you have to use different strategies to decode a tile.

Benefits of the elimination method:

  • To get rid of a risk
  • Simplify the game
  • Streamline your tactics

It will take time, but you’ll start seeing the patterns, and it will be easier to incorporate the elimination method. These tactics will sharpen your mind because you must focus and employ quick thinking skills.

What is the 1-2 Pattern?

While playing, you will come across a row of tiles with a number one beside the number two. There are uncleared tiles beneath them, and neither are mines if you remember the meaning behind the numbers. If this happens, you must focus on the number two since it automatically means one of the mines must be on the outer tile. All you need is to pick tiles that aren’t mines.

Follow the Tutorials

Numerous Minesweeper games have tutorials. For instance, Minesweeper by Evkar Games is an app with a tutorial, which you’ll see on the game’s main menu. You can also search for YouTube walkthroughs made by Minesweeper fanatics who want to share their strategies with the world.

There are also gameplays, which means videos where you watch how the game is played. Watching these videos and reading the how-tos will help you learn new techniques while identifying strategies.

Use the “Depress” Technique

Choose a number and push both buttons on your mouse at the same time. It’s a technique that can depress the tiles it is connected to. Once done, it will show you the number of tiles connected to the number.

Practice the Game All the Time

If you have free time and want to become an expert at Minesweeper, you must put in the effort and play the game frequently. Doing so will hone your skills and enhance your gameplay experience. Furthermore, you can try different strategies and even form effective tactics.

It’s the only way to become a pro at this game. You can download a game on your phone, such as Minesweeper GO – classic game, so you can play even while on the road.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Guessing

All Minesweeper games will force you to guess, especially if you’ve used all your resources. If you want to avoid using the hint button, you must use your luck and make a choice.

The best way to guess:

  • Choose the tile with the least risk
  • The result must help you if it turns out correct
  • Guessing should be done after all efforts are used

If you manage to click the right tile, you must start again and use all your strategies and the elimination. If all resources lead to nothing, guess again.

Get Ready to Conquer Minesweeper with the Tips Above

Playing Minesweeper doesn’t mean you have to be an expert immediately. It takes a lot of understanding and familiarization to become good at it. Nobody is ever perfect in these types of games, but you can push yourself to become more well-versed to experience winning purely through your skills and hard work.

Plus, strategic thinking will exercise your brain. Hopefully, with the tips above, you will become better at it to thoroughly enjoy what this classic game offers.

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