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Classic Card Games that Require a Standard Deck

Do you remember the days as a kid when you would get together with your friends or family to play card games? The feeling of excitement and anticipation was unbeatable whether it was Go Fish, Solitaire, Rummy, or any other classic game using a regular deck of cards!

Playing card games is an entertaining way to form social connections and teach young kids how to interact. Plus, they’re easy to learn and set up – all you need is one or more decks of playing cards, and voila! Nowadays, we’ve got technology at our fingertips, providing us with virtual alternatives for entertainment, but nothing beats the nostalgia taking us back via those timeless classics.

With that said, we’ll list some of your favorite classic card games that require a standard deck – We hope this brings back some memories too!

Play Your Favorite Card Games Using a Standard Card Deck

Whether you want to play with friends, alone, or online – below are some well-known classics that will keep you entertained for many hours while only using a standard deck of 52 cards;


Play Spades online and experience a strategic trick-taking card game where you team up with another player. It also utilizes 52 cards, and a team’s objective is to win as many tricks as possible to earn points. Check out the basics if you’re new to this game.

The Basics of Spades:

  • Teams bid the number of tricks they expect to take
  • Teams earn points by achieving their combined bid
  • Minimize penalties
  • Most games are played for up to 500 points
  • The team with the most points win

Today, it’s one of the oldest trick-taking games, but you can play Spades online through apps or browsers. If you have difficulty understanding its gameplay, practicing against an AI is best to develop your skills before playing with others.

Crazy Eights

Ideal for kids and adults, Crazy Eights is a classic card game that up to four players can play using a standard card deck. The premise is simple: to get rid of all the cards in your hand to win.

The game starts with each player given seven cards, and the rest is placed at the center facing downwards, which will be called a pile. After that, the first card from the pile is turned over, which means it’s the starter card.

A player from the dealer’s left will begin by playing a card from their hand, but it must match the starter card in number or suit. If they don’t have a card with the same suit or number, they pick up a card from the pile and play it if possible; if not, their turn is skipped.

When it’s your turn, you can play a card with the same suit or number as the previous card or an eight. Playing an eight means you’ll declare the suit the next player must play. The winner of the round is the first one to get rid of all their cards.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn how this game is played, you can download some apps designed for mobile devices. An example is Crazy Eights Card Game, which allows you to play against AI characters.


For the ultimate card game experience, Cribbage is paired with a board to tally or count the scores of each player. It’s ideal for two players who compete by making combinations to score a point.

Players can create a solid hand or play their opponent’s hand instead. Each player must be fast enough to generate killer combinations to score the highest points. The first player to earn 121 points wins.

The game begins with each player receiving six cards, with two of their cards put away. These are called crib cards, and the dealer can keep the crib card in a separate hand. If you’re not the dealer, the crib cards are given to the opponent, and you must adjust your strategy depending on whose crib it is.

Rules may be complicated for newbies, so you must dive deep into the game to get its gist. Otherwise, try online apps like Cribbage Online or browser-based platforms to practice your skills in this game.


Like Spade, Euchre is perfect for four players paired into two teams. It uses a standard deck, and five cards are dealt to each player. One card is placed in the center facing up, which makes it the trump card.

The basics of Euchre:

  • Score points by taking over half of the five possible tricks
  • The first team to score ten points win
  • All players can “pass” the trump to change it
  • The player to the dealer’s left begins by playing a card
  • All players follow suit or play another card if not possible

The highest trump card played wins the trick. If no trump cards exist, the highest card in the led suit wins instead. Familiarize yourself with its gameplay and mechanics by downloading Euchre Jogatina Cards Online. See if you have the skills to play against real players online.


Finally, a game that kids will love is Go-Fish. What sets it apart from other games is that it’s straightforward and enjoyable. Like the other games on the list, it uses a 52-card standard deck. Here, players earn points by making “books” of four cards of the same rank.

Every round begins with each player receiving seven cards, with the rest of the cards placed face-down in the middle. The player on the dealer’s left begins the game by asking the player beside them if they have a particular card. If they do, that player must give it to the asker. If not, they will say “Go Fish,” which refers to the player taking a card from the middle pile.

The player sets it aside for every book made, and the scores are calculated based on the book’s rank. The game ends when a player receives 50 points. For those who want to try this game, Go Fish! is an incredible app for beginners and experts alike.

Play the Best Cards Games with a Standard Deck

Now that you know some of the most exciting card games played using the 52-card standard deck, it’s time to play them on your PC or mobile phone. Make every game memorable through the modern and intuitive controls developers offer to every card game fanatic!

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