How a Beginner Can Quickly Understand the Destiny 2

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How a Beginner Can Quickly Understand the Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is the cult sequel to the first MMO fantasy shooter.

The player will have to choose one of three classes, master the mechanics of shooting and special skills and abilities, choose the path of character development, learn raids and strikes, get to PVP content and not miss the development of the plot and regular updates with meta changes.

A beginner can easily go astray and develop a character on a whim, which can lead to the inefficiency of the hero and a rapid drop in interest at high lvl. To prevent this, it is better to develop based on the experience of other players and with the help of special services. Let’s talk about them.

Three useful services and resources to help beginners master the world of Destiny 2:

  • Skycoach
  • Destiny 2 fandom
  • Bungie Forums


Skycoach is a service that provides various services to players and helps beginners with the development of game content. Popular services include boosting, coaching, raid carry and the purchase of glitter – the main currency in the world of Destiny 2.


Glitter is the basis of the Destiny 2 server economy, and it is for them that everything that can be found in the game from other players and NPCs is purchased. Glitter is used to buy armor and weapons of increased strength, special elemental cartridges, contracts are updated allowing you to gain additional experience, and much more.

Players can buy glitters in any quantity and get them legally with all the precautions that the administration will not even have a formal reason to impose game sanctions.


Coaching is learning how to play a chosen character from a professional Skycoach player. The player contacts you by voice and gradually teaches you the correctness of the game, basic mechanics, the principles of shooting and leveling, game meta and PVP, and most importantly, they will explain to you why the training is going on so that you can apply this knowledge even with major updates and changes balance in the game.

Carry Raid

This is a service in which you are invited by a group and are guaranteed to pass the raid you have chosen. Since the best equipment in Destiny 2 is obtained in difficult raids, such a campaign will allow you to get all the reward that will fall from the boss without sharing experience and equipment with the environment, and also without wasting time on a campaign with an unfamiliar group, which may even end failure.

Destiny 2 Fandom

The Destiny 2 fandom is a great treasure trove of information about everything in the game.

Fandom will describe professions, their possible development paths and skills.

For example:

Titan is a defensive type warrior that uses damage blocking skills. According to the game plot, they are the guards of the main city and the prototype of medieval knights in the fantasy world of the future. In combat, they use small arms, they can put up a shield and use fists.

Warlock is a mid-range shooter, famous for his AoE skills. Some deal damage to the enemy, others heal allies and apply auxiliary effects to everyone in the area. The prototype of the shooting mages of the future, who constantly study the light and fight the darkness in all its manifestations.

The hunter is a ranged shooter, can use a dagger and various grenades. Particularly effective in raids and PVP, as it hits from afar and can quickly reduce or increase the distance from the target. Prototype of a special forces soldier.

On the Fandom, you can read about the various subclass variations available for your character, there are three in total, but with the February Lightfall update, a fourth variation will be added:

  • Lightning
  • Sun
  • Emptiness
  • Stand (to be added in the Lightfall update)

Bungie Forums

Bungie Forums is a source of knowledge that is formed as a result of communication between players. In essence, this is an invaluable gaming experience that is criticized by other players and highlights the useful and weeds out useless tips.

On the forum you can find detailed explanations for the subclasses listed above, and here is the main argument:

Lightning allows you to increase and deal magic damage to nearby targets, which is especially effective for a titan, who often holds a defensive line and can simultaneously attack any enemy that comes close.

Sun – concentrates power for one powerful shot. Perfect for a hunter, because he relies on shots from a long distance, the main thing is not to let opponents get close to him.

Void – Deals increased damage from AoE attacks. Great for a warlock who is especially effective in raids due to his AoE attacks when choosing an offensive development build.

The stand will give the titan increased punch damage to which knives will be added, the warlock will receive attacks with projectiles with the effect of shrapnel, and the hunter will receive a new type of weapon that deals damage either at close or medium range. The situation will become clearer with the release of the update, but so far the Warlock build looks the most interesting.

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