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How to Spoof Location in Pokemon Go iOS Version

Pokemon is one of the most loved and most famous shows of all time. We all have grown up watching Ash Ketchum battle against Team Rocket and catching Pokemon to become the best trainer in the world.

While watching the show, we too, had the desire to catch Pokemon, which was fulfilled by Niantic Games some years back with its Pokemon Go game. The game can give you an opportunity to catch Pokemon, battle with the trainers, fight team rockets, and fight gym trainers. Download and install the latest pokemon go mod apk androidhackers app here!

But to play the game, you have to walk around and spin pokestops, which cannot be possible all the time. Android players can easily spoof locations using Pokemon go GPS hack, but what about iOS players?

Let’s find out.

How Do I Spoof My Location on an iPhone?

The iPhones are more secure than Android, as Apple claims, and therefore rooting and installing modules to spoof locations is not possible directly. But thankfully, we have UltFone iOS Location Changer that lets you spoof location and prevents you from getting banned by the game’s server.

If you don’t know, location spoofing in games can get you banned, but UltFone’s location spoofing system can prevent servers from identifying if the player is using a location spoofer or not.

Another advantage of using this pokemon go spoofing ios app is that you do not have to jailbreak your iOS device just for one game. It’ll never ask you to do so and is entirely safe to use.

With that being said, let’s see what features does Ultfone iOS Location changer offers?

UltFone iOS Location Changer Features

One-Click Location Spoofing

You may think location spoofing in iPhone will be a headache, but that’s not true. Ultfone’s one-click location spoofing technology makes the entire process butter smooth. The best part is that you don’t have to jailbreak or modify your iPhone in any way.

Manage speed & Coordinates

Since Pokemon Go can easily detect your moving speed, you can set speed limits in Ultfone. You can configure speed from a millisecond to 3.6kmph. Moreover, you can set the location’s coordinates where you want to spoof and even stop between the route making your gameplay more natural.

Hiding Current Location

If you want to hide your location from all apps completely, Ultfone is all you need. You can prevent apps from tracking your location activity and stay free from any kind of tracking issues.

Change location of any apps

If you want to explore how apps work outside your region, you can easily do it with Ultfone. It allows you to change location in dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and even social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.

Clean UI & UX

User experience can be enhanced with a simple user interface and easy navigation. The UltFone designers have taken care of it and provides you with a smooth and interactive user interface.

The navigation is as simple as it could be, and it adds a lot to the user experience. You can set up the iOS location changer on your device in just a matter of seconds. We will be discussing this later in this article.

How much does UltFone Location Changer Cost?

Unlike other location spoofing apps, UltFone actually works and lets you enjoy games like Pokemon Go without having to move around. Since it requires a license to work, we have penned down the pricing in detail.

  • Monthly: $14. 95, supporting 5 devices and 1 Mac.
  • Quarter: $19.98, supporting 5 devices and 1 Mac.
  • Yearly: $59.98, supporting 5 devices and 1 Mac.

Ultfone Celebrates Ios 15 Release (100% Sweepstake & Up To 70% Off)

Apple has recently rolled out its iOS 15 updates, and to celebrate it, Ultfone is offering a massive 100% Sweepstake & Up To 70% Off on its products. The celebration offers include a $5 storewide discount, 70% off, and more prizes.

How to Spoof Location With Ulfone in 3 Simple Steps

1. Download the program for your system, Mac or Windows. Install and launch it on your system.

2. You need to check the disclaimer and read it before entering the next step.

3. Connect your iOS device to your PC and move forward to the next step.

4. You can now enter the desired location, choose coordinates, and hit the start to modify button to get started.

5. That’s all you need to do to spoof location in iOS 15.

Wrapping Up

Spoofing location in iOS 15 can be tricky if you rely on free apps and fake methods. With Ultfone, it has become effortless to change location in games like Pokemon Go and even on dating apps like Tinder & Bumble.

We have listed down all the key features of Ultfone along with its pricing. You can avail of the 70% discount for a limited time period, so without waiting further, grab a license and start spoofing locations in Pokemon Go.

For those of you that would love to play Pokemon Go on your PC, there is a Pokemon Go Emulator you can use to spoof the game into thinking you are actually on your mobile device.

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