Is Gaming Becoming a New Media Platform?

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Is Gaming Becoming a New Media Platform?

Today, the world of has become a new virtual reality. It has not only increased social interaction but has also built a vibrant space for digital entertainment. This evolution has taken things to a new level, enabling individuals to meet new people, enjoy video content, engage in digital item trading, and even participate in live events.

In other words, gaming is becoming very popular but as an unshaped media platform. So far, it has only two characteristics, i.e., scale and consumer attention. On the other hand, the mainstream media has three components: the substructure of the transaction, scale, and consumer attention.

Old school perception of people about gaming

It has emerged as a way of networking. However, several people still believe that gaming is a mere waste of time, and the ones who spend time in gaming are social outcasts.

However, this is not true. As per the statistics, the gaming industry grew over and above by around 20% in 2020. In addition to it, in 2019, gamers spent approximately more than 1 trillion hours playing games and about 25 billion hours watching online. The platforms used in gaming are scalable and connecting than ever before.

But, before we tell you how gaming can become the next media platform, let us tell you the importance of social media in the gaming industry.

Online gaming and social media

Social media and gaming are two different bodies and have unique audiences. The Internet plays a significant role in sharing information and carrying out effective communication.

Significantly, the IoT has fastened the rate of information sharing. It allows gamers to share their experiences and accomplishments on social media platforms. For this reason, every other player uses social media platforms as a valuable tool to know about the latest deals, launches, etc. For example, there are several free games like puzzles and strategy available on the Internet, designed by developers and professional designers.

In addition to it, there is an option of live game streaming, which enables the gamers to capture the videos, images, and game moments that they want.

The above factors indicate that online gaming and social media platforms are merging. These two entities are supporting each other and evolving simultaneously. But, how are they moving forward in this digital world and on their way to becoming the next media platform? To know about it, keep reading the information mentioned below.

Video Games and Social Connections: Some people believe that people who play games online are not connected to the world and are less social. As mentioned above, many gamers are using social media and building their social networks and interactivity.

And, this effort is far more than the people investing their energies into the hobby industry. On the other hand, gaming sites allow the players to build relationships, carry out effective communication, and strategize in a meaningful manner. On top of that, many people have found true friends through gaming platforms and sites.

Building a bright future: As mentioned above in this article, there is an old-school view about playing games that you can’t have a bright future if you keep playing such games. But, the truth is that people have got awards and scholarships based on their performance in video games.

According to the data, around forty American Colleges are giving scholarships. At the same time, they confirm that the students are adequately trained, concentrate on the school activities, and play an active role in all the college programs. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has observed around one billion dollars in revenue. This means that the gaming industry can increase the income of the NCAA twice in the next few years.

Impact on the world: Video games are resulting in increased competition and the development of financial opportunities. The players who do not see this as a hobby have the chance to opt-in as a profession. Experts are developing new video games and Esports platforms. This is having a tangible impact on the market, especially retail. There are chances that it may have communication and engagement at a larger scale. In addition to it, even teachers are using the latest gaming technology to communicate the lessons through educational games.

The future of gaming: The points mentioned above firmly state that the development in the gaming industry is never-ending. It is ever-evolving, expanding, and emerging as a platform for social interactions. As the world sees the difference, the people are also changing their old-school perception about gaming and avoiding outdated beliefs. Without a doubt, gamers are escalating social interactivity and boosting the connection between people exceptionally.

So far, you have understood the gaming industry and how it has increased the virtual connection in this digital age. This is the time to inform you about the game rules that you should not avoid while playing.

Game Rules that you should follow

Potential dangers: You might have seen many times when someone asks you for personal information, such as social media usernames and passwords. Remember that you never provide your personal information and limit the gaming chats. You can make friends online and interact with them, but never provide helpful information.

Check the game rating: Several games are rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), giving you a good idea about the game you are playing. A lot of research is done by the ESRB. They provide you with enough information about the game, including the user’s interaction.

Gaming has changed. But, why are people turning to games at ? The answer to this question lies in the research done by the US army mental health team and the university researchers.

They provide interactive experiences. Especially in 2020, when the world was obeying social distancing, people interacted differently. And gaming helped ineffective communication, enabling the transformation of the gaming industry. Besides, social interaction has proved to be a beneficial asset for a variety of reasons. Clearly, it has changed our lives and helped us to change the world.

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