Looking for the Best Sites to Play FreeCell Solitaire?

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Looking for the Best Sites to Play FreeCell Solitaire?

Are you a fan of Solitaire games? Have you already tried FreeCell?

This is a single-player game where you need some luck at the beginning and a lot of strategies later. The difference between the Klondike (classic) version of Solitaire and FreeCell is in the visibility of cards and options for moving them. Unlike Klondike, where all cards (except the last one) in the columns are hidden, in FreeCell, they are all visible to you from the beginning. Also, there are four additional cells for holding cards when you have no other options for placing them.

This might make the game easier for some, but it is a bigger challenge since you have to strategize in advance unlike strategizing on the go, as you usually do in classic versions.

If you are in search of a good game of FreeCell, take a look at this list and find something suitable for you.

1. FreeCell on Solitaired

On this website, you can use hints in case you need a helping hand, undo and redo your moves, and read all about how to play FreeCell in case you are not familiar with the rules, or you need a reminder.

The user interface is minimalistic, there are no distractions, so you can focus on your game. For a better experience, you can also switch to full-screen mode.

After you gain some experience, you can play a daily challenge and compare your skills and scores with other players.

This website is free to use, and you don’t have to register to play.

2. Yandex

If you are a fan of Solitaire games, this is where you can find all of them in one place. The website offers a game of FreeCell, Twenty, Scorpion, Pyramid, Klondike, etc. Also, you can choose from different variations of the games. When it comes to FreeCell, you can play a game with one, two, or three decks. Starting a game is simple and fast, but in case you want to save your progress, you will have to log in.

If you get bored playing Solitaire games, there are plenty of other options. You can choose from different categories of the games such as Puzzles, Racing, Simulators, Educational, Board games, and many others.

3. 247 Solitaire

Again, another site that specializes in Solitaire games. What might differentiate it from others is its convenience. It is easy to use, loading is fast, no ads and no registrations.

The design is minimalistic which allows you to focus on the game. The colors are warm and welcoming which is important when you are spending some time on the same website. It is convenient to use because everything is compact and player oriented.

The creators definitely thought about how easy it is for your eyes and hands to get tired. This is why 247 Solitaire is perfect for long sessions of Solitaire.

4. FreeCell Zone

You are at the right spot if your priorities are satisfying effects and smooth transitions. FreeCell Zone is a combination of minimalistic and modern. Preserving old school style of the game while incorporating new-age design is the first impression of this website.

If you like a relaxing environment while you play, soothing colors and the absence of flashiness are probably important. If your number one priority is to relax and ease your mind, this is where you will find your peace.

5. OnlineSoloGames

Do you think you know all about single-player card games? Hop on this website to see if you can find a card game you haven’t heard of before.

First, they divide games into sections. You can choose from single-player games or games against bots. Then you can choose your preferred ones from over a hundred different games. Yes, a hundred. We guarantee you will run into an unfamiliar game. Are you interested in testing your card game knowledge?

Regardless of these numbers, the website is well-organized and easy to use. As a bonus, each game shortly explains the rules and goals of the game.

FreeCell for Other Platforms

Solitaire games are among the most popular card games, so it is natural for them to expand over different gaming platforms.

If you are looking for a mobile version of the game, see FreeCell on Play Store App.
Are you a fan of controllers? Then try the Nintendo or PlayStation version.

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