Top Game Design Trends in 2021

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Top Game Design Trends in 2021

Symbols of optimism. According to the company, the audience will be more loyal to brands that cheer up. Accordingly, bright color palettes, rounded fonts, anything that creates a friendly atmosphere will be popular in visual communication.

Wellness Time

Health and wellness will remain key needs with Therefore, brands and content creators will use images about sports, care and self and leisure. The visual component of this trend: balanced, calm colors, photos, videos and illustrations that show the brand’s concern for the physical and digital health of the audience.

Closer to Nature

In design, this trend is reflected in the use of natural tones and botanical patterns.

Virtual Empathy

It’s about content that motivates the user to empathize. This can be VR, AR and MR, for example, helping to feel the environment of an ecological disaster or everyday life in another corner of the world.

Authenticity 2.0

Users always strive for authentic content, notes at Depositphotos. Content featuring remote work, home recreation and slow life will be popular now.

Aesthetics of Cinema

In their shots, photographers will pay attention to details, they will choose compositions. Around the objects there is additional space. There is the use muted color palettes and minimal post-processing. Photographers who seek to experiment with their work are inspired by the aesthetics of cinematography this year. There are compositions in which there is a lot of space around the objects. They pay attention to detail. And they use muted color palettes and minimal post-processing.

The creators are constantly trying new lighting techniques to achieve the correct framing, inventing innovative ways of shooting, inspired by films and TV series. This trend creates a delightful effect. For this there are the shots that resemble stills from the film.

Snack Content

This refers to content in the form of super-short but exciting stories that last a few seconds (for example, videos from TikTok and Instagram Reels). Snack videos can be easily created with the use of modern smartphone. Video editing apps and Instagram and TikTok tools help to further shorten the time from creation to post. The new short video format is the choice of brands that want to respond quickly to events, share updates through situational content, and reach new audiences.

Audiovisual Immersion

Short music pieces in videos, sound effects in apps and tracks on websites force users to engage both auditory and visual perception. As it’s noted by Depositphotos. Microstock clients get great feedback from their choice. Audio is becoming an essential element for companies looking to stay competitive and create unique online and offline experiences.motion-based interactions add to the user’s immersion. His journey is fun and smooth.

Game in Design

This refers to the use of game elements on websites, in applications and other design projects. Challenges, stylized icons, ratings and other mechanics improve user engagement. The global lockdown has accelerated the digitalization of the world, forcing everyone to adapt to the new reality. While clients are getting used to doing their day to day online, designers are looking for ways to keep them interested. Using game elements on websites, apps, and other design projects is a new user-centric approach that brands should master. Themed challenges and animated scores, stylized icons and ratings, or more complex game designing app.

To Sum Up

In 2021, audio and visual content go hand in hand, helping brands better engage with audiences and leave a lasting impression. They provide great improved experience of interaction with the chosen product.

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