How to Create Text on the Wet Glass with GIMP

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How to Create Text on the Wet Glass with GIMP

Everything turns wet when it’s rain, including car glass, glass the of the coffee shop window, glass of the office window and so on. Sometimes, you want write down your name on the wet glass full of droplets. While you can do so physically, you can also write your name on the wet glass full of droplets digitally using GIMP. And that is what we are going to discuss in this tutorial.

Before getting started, make sure you already have an image of wet glass full of droplets. If you don’t have one and have no idea where to get one, you can use the same image I am going to use this tutorial. You can download the image here.

In order to make your text looks really blend with the droplets, we will also use the “IWarp” filter to make your text as if melted. Let’s go.

Bonus: Most essential GIMP shortcuts

  • Launch GIMP and open the wet glass image by going to File -> Open.

  • Click the Text Tool on the Toolbox panel and write your text. Use black as the text color.

  • Change the mode of the text layer to Grain merge and set its opacity level until you get the best transparency level of the text.

  • Go to Filters -> Distorts -> IWarp. On the appearing pop-up window, select Move on the Deform Mode section under the Settings tab.

  • Use your mouse to deform the text (hold and drag). This is will be used as the melted effect of your text. To ease your job, you can enlarge the pop-up window.

Click the OK button once you are done with the deforming process. To make your text looks more a bit attractive, you can also make some variations like rotating it. Also set its position on your image. Following is the example of this tutorial.

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